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Anyone have a dog bone filling recipe - not the soft filling like peanut butter, but hard so it keeps for days?

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Anyone have a dog bone filling recipe - not the soft filling like peanut butter, but hard so it keeps for days?
  • I've bought a couple of bones from time to time that come with some hard type of filling where the marrow used to be that takes awhile for my dog to get out and keeps him busy for a good long time. Does anyone have a recipe for that type of filling so I can refill these bones and not have to buy them again? These bone walls are still quite thick, so I think I could get quite a few refills out of them before I'd have to buy a new bone. These bones are about 4" long, so a new completely filled bone usually takes him quite a few days to get completely emptied.

    I have seen some fillings already, but they all look like they're soft fillings and not something I'd want to leave in for days since it would probably start to stink if he doesn't finish it in a day. I really want the real hard type of fillings that maybe get baked in to make them pretty solid so it takes him days to get out of the middle.

    Thanks for any help.

  •  Freezing is always an option - thats what I do with kong stuffing to make it last longer.  I would *not( bake anything into a bone as the cooking process will make it quite brittle.

  • I wouldn't bake bones as the cooking process can cause them to splinter.

    We freeze different things in our marrow bones.  Right now, our dogs have a mixture of boiled chicken & yogurt packed & freezing in their bones for tonight's chew.  I just shot the chicken through the food processor, & then mixed it with yogurt.

    I also use pureed fruits & veggies, yougurt with treats mixed in, & any other type of meat that can be shot through the food processor & then frozen in the bone.

  •  I'm for freezing as well.  It does not take nearly as long as the first stuff to get out, and she'll likely have it cleaned in a half hour or so, but I still think its better than buying a new on.  Plus the stuff they come with isn't really good for them anyway. 

    I have stuffed mine with all kinds of things.  Even Soup, then frozen. The last time I used Pea soup.  I have also in a crunch used Natural peanut mixed with kibble.  But yogurt is something that we almost always use, since its good for the digestion.  If you wanted, you could just open up a small can of dog food and stuff that in and freeze it.   Or do 3 or 4 at a time if you only have a big can and it won't all fit.

  • Just to let you know we just got back from the vet with our white Shepherd. She has an infection on her lips (looks like she had a bad Botox job) from those filled bones. We were told by the Vet that some of them are basted with Lye which causes issues. I am now looking to make my own with real bones from the butcher and working on a filling. This is the second one of our dogs that had the issue with their lips my Lab had the same thing a few months back. We started buying all natural (so the label said) guess they reall were not. If I work out a good filling that does not have to be frozen to use I will post it. I just know my guys/gal will make a mess with the frozen bones plus they will chew them for hours if they have yummy stuff inside.

    We have a friend who is a chef so I am going to ask him to work on something natural and healthy for us. He made a all natrual dog cookies which we make for our pups.