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Canned pumpkin

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Canned pumpkin
  • How much canned pumpkin is recommended for a 50-60 lb. dog ? I'm trying to firm up Tyson's poop as I just switched to Taste of the Wild and his poops are little soft but stil pickup-able.

  • I'd start with a whooping tablespoon or so.  Sorry, that's the way I cook too....a little of this, a little of that.......you an always increase it if that isn't enough.  It sure isn't going to hurt him any.

  •  daily? or per meal?

  •  depending on how loose the stool is I would put it in one meal and see that works - if it doesn't do the trick for the poops i would add it to each meal - as Glenda said it certainly won't hurt - I have given it to my boy as a veggie for several meals and not had any adverse reactions

  •  My vet said I can give my 25lb girl up to a 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin per day to help with digestive and anal gland issues, so I'm sure that amount would be fine for a bigger dog for sure, though I'd split it across his meals so he gets good tummy coverage throughout the day.

  • I give my two 65lb dogs approximately 1 tablespoon per meal.  I don't measure I just plop a spoonful in the food. 

  • Oh, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who "plops"!

    Yes, I would use it every meal for a few days just to give things a chance to equalize in the digestive tract.

  • I never plop.

    I have, however, on occasion, been known to eyeball, smidge, and drizzle.  Geeked 

  • ok. i dont know whats wrong with his poops. I've taken him to the vet and dewormed him, got him giardia medicine, and put him on Hills canned prescription diet and he had really firm pops with that. I started to transition him back on his eagle pack but his poops became mushier and kept getting mushier so I went to the store and bought some Taste of the Wild: pacfic stream because I read on here that it helped with someone else's poop problems. And now we're completely out of the HIll's and I read that canned pumpkin is supposed to help. His poop's still a little soft but at least it's pickup-able. Does anyone have any suggestions as to his poop problem? He acts normal in every other way and isn't straining when he's pooping. I also bought the 30 lb bag and I really hope its not the kibble because i've switched brands.
  •  It sounds suspiciously like giardia.  Try a round of Safeguard - you can get it from any pet supply place, no prescription needed.  It's packets you sprinkle on food (wet food is best to ensure a full dose, poor baby will have to eat some canned food, lol!).  You treat for three days in a row, then it's best to do it again in about a week.

  • he's taken the giardia medicine. this problem started 3 weeks ago and first thing I did was put him on safeguard. and even after the dosage it was still runny. Thats when I dropped a stool sample off and nothing showed up and I took him into the vet. I told my vet about giardia suspicion and my vet gave me Panacur, giardia pills, and the Hill's canned food. I've given Tyson the Panacur and the giardia medicine. I have also used up the canned food. I'm feeding Taste of the WIld now with canned pumpkin.
  •  I've tried pumpkin worse during poop issues and it did nothing, possibly made it worse, lol.

  •  i'm getting some mixed results with the pumpkin ...

  •  I used it with Sandy for a bit and it took about 3 - 4 days to see results. I fed it to her until the can was gone and she got a tablespoon each meal.

  • It may take a little while to see results from the pumpkin.  It may also take a 2nd round with the Panacur even with negative stool results.  Giardia and the other can be difficult to catch on stool screens.  A while back both Woobs and Indie had the runnies and it took 2 doses of Panacur to get Indie back to normal.  Woobie gets runny from pumpkin at first.  It took 2 weeks of him being on it in his homecooked diet before his stools adjusted.  It could also be the food.  The only 2 things that Woobie has done well on has been Hill's z/d and this homecooked formula I had developed by a nutritionist.  It could be your dog will do best with very few simple ingredients.  An elimination diet may be in order to truly track down what's upsetting him.  Good luck!