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Petco to carry own brand of pet food

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Petco to carry own brand of pet food
  • I was in Petco today chatting about dog food and the check-out girl mentioned that Petco would start carrying their own brand of cat and dog food and she thought the cat food was already on the shelves but she couldn't remember the name of the brand they are calling it.  Anyone hear this.  It will be interesting to see if it will be just another "full of filler" food like Petsmart's Authority or something halfway decent made by a top company made just for them.

  • I won't be shopping at PetCo anymore, and will be turning my PalPets card in.  This was posted on a Lab board last week:

    We stand together in unity as pet owners
    to discontinue all patronage of your stores.
    • We feel that PETCO Foundation’s president Paul Jolly’s support for the Los Angeles mandatory spay and neuter
    ordinance along side with the Humane Society of the United States to be completely unacceptable.
    • The Humane Society of the United States is an Animal Rights organization that garners monetary support from its
    well meaning donors under false pretenses. This donated money is not used to help shelter pets. It is used instead
    to facilitate the creation of anti- animal use laws nationwide that endanger the future of pet ownership and erode pet
    owner constitutional rights. The mandatory spay and neuter Los Angeles ordinance is an example of such a law.
    • Laws such as the one signed in Los Angeles does nothing to reduce shelter deaths, public expenditures on animal
    control services,or protect the health of the animals themselves. Surgical procedures should be discussed and scheduled
    on an individual case basis with a licensed professional- not a politician. And certainly not the President of the
    PETCO Foundation. What exactly are Mr Jolly’s qualifications to publicly support this ordinance? Is he a licensed
    veterinarian? A breeder? A rescuer? Or is he merely another victim of animal rights fanatics like Mr Wayne Pacelle?
    We cannot further patronize a company that supports such policy.
    PETCO- “Where our pets will NEVER go!!!”
    Everyone is urged to contact PETCO personally with their complaint message.
    Let PETCO know how you feel about their support of Mandatory Sterilization of pets!
    PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
    9125 Rehco Road
    San Diego, CA 92121
    (858) 453-7845
    LOS ANGELES PRESS RELEASE:- Pledging to continue the efforts to reduce pet euthanasia and
    control the City’s pet population, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, joined by Los Angeles City Councilmembers
    Richard Alarcón and Tony Cardenas, Los Angeles Department of Animal Services General
    Manager Ed Boks, Animal Rights Advocate Bob Barker, Humane Society of the United States
    President Wayne Pacelle, PETCO Foundation President Paul Jolly and local animal
    advocates, today signed the Spay/Neuter Ordinance, a new law that
    requires all pet owners in the City of Los Angeles to have their cats and
    dogs spayed or neutered. Any person violating the spay/neuter law will
    be cited, and could be subject to up to a $500 dollar fine or 40 hours of
    community service.

  • If I am not mistaken the Petsmart Authority Harvest Baked food is a good food.  At least it was on the lists of decent foods. 

    Maybe Petco will have a good product.  I like to see the glass half full!


  • I work at Petco, and as far as I know, we are not getting our own brand.  We have been getting in Petco branded items in each department, but I haven't heard talk of any dog or cat foods.  We used to have a PetGold brand, which was Petco branded...but they got rid of all of that.

  • well, maybe the girl was misinformed. Guess we'll have to wait and see.  And it would be nice to have another decent food like Kirkland without having to buy a membership to buy it!

  • We just had our status/inventory meeting at PETCO... we're not getting our own brand of food....

    Trying to sell more PETCO brand products yes... but not food.

    (scratches head... will be asking GM tonight about it)

    micksmom and for the record... purchasing at your local Retailer PETCO does not mean you are contributing directly to the PETCO Foundation... those are two seperate entities and only marked merchandise support the Foundation & specific donations/adoptions...

  •  Pom3,just being nosey,but what do you do at Petco?:)

  • Edie
    Pom3,just being nosey, but what do you do at Petco?:)

    Team Lead & Dog Trainer (in training at the moment! still have an observer for my classes) [it's my second job, first/full-time job I run the Human Resource Dept. for an IT Retail Consultancy]

    SO spoke with GM & another Team Lead last night. PETCO Dog Food? Possible. The rumor/talk is up in the air right now. Our stores need to get our margin up so PETCO Corp felt it would be a good idea to market our own Dog Food Brand. Would I support it? Well I support foods based on ingredients and based on what dog you have; I never recommend one thing fits all. But under our contract as an employee you can not state that any of our food is "bad" just which ones are of "higher-quality".

    If we are to see a new PETCO dog food brand it's going to be marketed after the "HALO" campaign is over. (And for the record... the Halo products aren't that bad! We were all looking at dog food last night and comparing a bunch to figure out which ones we each thought personally were the best and the "worst".)

    Honestly I'd be interested to see what PETCO feels is a "well-balanced premium dog food"... if this does pull through I'll be sure to post about it!

  • Pomeranian <3

    ...micksmom and for the record... purchasing at your local Retailer PETCO does not mean you are contributing directly to the PETCO Foundation... those are two seperate entities and only marked merchandise support the Foundation & specific donations/adoptions...


    Thanks for the info.  Smile  However, in my mind, I still see a connection.  Let me explain the way my mind works so you understand- a few years ago the country music group The Dixie Chicks made a astatement that I found hypocritical and another one that I found unpatriotic.  Not long after that, they were doing commercials for Lipton Tea.  I stopped buying Lipton tea.

  • all of these petco employees! LoL..im a trainer there too..and soon to be training to be a Canine Education Instructor Coach for our district/region..which means ill be training anyone else that wants to become a trainer..its a new thing Petco is starting ( i didnt have any formal training when i started!)..where new CEI's will have to sit through hours of classroom work (under me) and assist in so many of my classes etc before they can teach their own classes..

     sorry OT..but havent heard anything on the food!