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How to bulk up underweight Great Dane

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How to bulk up underweight Great Dane
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  • That is NOT a skinny dog. Thunder dropped a couple pounds this past winter and HE was a skinny dog. I don't see hip points on this dane.....they were clearly evident on Thunder.

    Agreed. When you can count vertebrae, they're too skinny. No disputing that. Seeing ribs isn't a problem. Protruding hips and vertebrae, on a non-sighthound, is when it becomes an issue...

    Emma *is* likely to become ill, and when she does, she drops weight so fast it's scary. She's *hard* to build back up, but it's doable, with some help from  the vet (she needs extra liver support to gain weight, usually in the form of something prescription). Her vets agree that she should stay thin, to be healthy, and that fattening her up would be a bad decision, and detrimental to her quality of life.
  • OMG!! What a great picture of Bubby!!  I want to get her pink belly, play dead Bubby!
  • Don't some dogs just carry their weight differently?  I sat for a greyhound who was not under fed but very boney. 

    I'm not a good judge of weight, I tend to think they are totally adorable with a little weight on so the vet has told me to stop Willow at this current weight.

    Here's a picture for an example, she doesn't show any ribs though.

  • She is JUST beautiful Lori!   Her recent grooming is so nice!
    Bubbys belly IS pink,,,and Danes don't have a lot of fur so it shows.
    I do think that its true that different dogs do carry their weight differently.  And of course some are so much bigger boned then others.
    At the vet hospital yesterday there was a 2 yr old fawn Dane that was really pretty big, not fat but sure didn't show any ribs at all, and I loved her and she was so sweet, BUT she looked like her head was too small for her body.   Don't know if it was the weight or just a dog with a smaller head.
  • She's ADORABLE Lori!

    I think they're cute with a little "chub" too, but it's easy to get carried away, and they're actually healthier if they're thin. I think Willow is a little of a special case, b/c she likes to decide not to eat, sometimes.

    You know, we don't see enough Bubblegum pictures, around here (hint, hint!)[:D]
  • Thank for the Willow compliments. 
    And, I agree with Jennie, we should see more of Bubby. 
  • Awe,,,I take tons of digitals. But unlike Ollie who used to have such expessions,,,, Bubby always looks right at the camera when you take it out,,and they all end up looking the same.  Must be the "show dog" in her!!  LOL!  The HAM!
  • I have been remodeling my kitchen this weekend and not online much.  I agree that since we have total control over their food intake that we should try and keep our dogs on the "lean" side.    I also think it's really hard to translate candid photos into a realistic illustration of real life condition of the dog.  Just for my own clarification, look again at the third picture of my original post...Are those not her hip points and vertebrea?  Mom has tried a slightly different recepie for the satinballs and she didn't much care for them.  She'll try the one Sydney provided.
     Bubblegum is adorable and Willow too!  They are all adorable.

  • ORIGINAL: danehaven

    She is not too thin. She is only 2 yrs. old? She has another 2 years to fill out. Most dogs are too fat. So when people see a fit dog they think it is starving.

    I love it when people ask me if my dog is supposed to be that skinny.  I've gone as far as telling them "The breeder told me to feed him once a week and he's doing fine."

  • she looks like a perfectly fit, good weight adolescent dane. Like a sighthound, fit healthy danes really shouldn't carry any body fat on them at all, which is why the bones tend to be visible. At two she's still a baby. As she approaches age five she should gradually get a bit "bulkier".
  • Also, aren't Danes *known* for this adolescent stage?

    Don't show dog owners have a hard time finishing the dogs while they're young, b/c of the boniness of the young dogs, and general pickiness?

    I think I read that at some point, but I could be confused....
  • yeah. There's also a minimum height requirement which a young Dane being fed properly (to ensure slow growth) shouldn't be able to meet. I know a few not-very-respectable conformation Dane folks who sacrifice their young dogs long-term health by fattening them up with corn so they can show them younger.
  • Bubby is kind of hard to tell  because she is spotted,,but Ollie my sons mantel has a shiny black coat, and you can see his vertibrea a bit like  your third picture but you can't see his ribs very well because he is bulkier.  So I personally can't see that third picture having her all that skinny.