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white or brown rice

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white or brown rice
  • Which is better to give a dog, white or brown rice?  Is it okay to give white rice for a few days then switch to brown rice for a few days?
  • I dont think switching around food at all is good for the dogs. A structured, healthy diet is the most beneficial for your dog. Where are you aqiuring this rice and how is is proccessed? Are you trying to add it to her normal food, do you do the raw diet, and have you tried vegtables?
  • White rice is basically nothing nutritionally.  Its great, really, REALLY overcooked when they have an upset tummy, but if you want to nourish your dog, then you need to use brown rice.  I use 4 oz in a 20 qt pot of food, so a little rice or GRAIN goes a very long way.  I'm kind of on the fence with that...there are those who say dogs need NO grains, those who say they need some, so I use minimal amounts just to be sure all the bases are covered.
  • Glenmar, my girl has a SUPER sensitive tummy and I have been trying to find things that I can add to her Nutro Natural Chioce for sensitive tummy's as a healthy treat for her. I know its not the best choice (not the worst either) but do you think it might be a ok addition to her diet? Its just that I dont have many alternatives to stimulate her pallate and I'm always looking for more stuff but that just might be my wish to make her happy. Maybe I should stick with (if it aint broke don't fix it) ha ha!
  • One problem with white rice is that it is more processed and thereforespends more time in the mill.  Fines from the other processing that goes on there can make their way into the white rice and cause problems for dogs that are very sensitive.  I've learned to avoid white rice for my super-sensitive dog.  It's not a problem for the rest of my gang, other than being sort of empty calories as compared to brown rice.
  • Gosh, that's a good question.  Nutro already has a lot of grains, and while white rice would be what I'd suggest for a fussy tummy, I'm not sure I'd add more to Nutro.  That said, I haven't seen the ingredient list.
    How about pumpkin?  Yogart?  PLAIN yogart......
  • Here I am, the topic stealer! Hopefully it will benefit Shelley too! The pumpkin actually gives her the runs. I started mixing in some of the same brand wet food once ot twice a week just as a treat and oh man she loves it! I tried to go a lil further and get the same brand wet food but not for sensitive tummies.....oh man bad news! It looked like her innards exploded in the back yard, she woke me up frantic "let me out out" poor thing. I just think she is bored with her plain old food but she has recently taken to carrots, apples without skin, peaches without skin, and corn. Yogurt is something that I've never heard, do you just mix it in with their food.....mmm I wonder if the dairy would be ok on her.
  • Sheprano--Since chicken is in the food she's eating, why not cook some chicken breast for her.  It seems to me that would be better than adding more grain or corn. 
    If you do try yogurt, try just a small amount at first. 
  • Sheprano,
    I am homecooking.  Right now I'm doing two weeks of ground vension.  The recipes calls for either potatoes or rice.  So I wanted to do some with rice and some with potatoes. 
    For variety and for allergy purposes, after two weeks of vension, I would like to go to another meat for two weeks.  So I'd like to switch meats every two weeks.  My recipes either call for pasta, potatoes or rice.  But with vension or rabbit, it's either rice or potatoes. 
    What do you think?
  • I'm still voting for sweet potatoe.  I just don't LIKE feeding my dogs white taters, or white rice. 
  • OOh I forgot about the sweet potatoe, a organic store we have in the valley has a mush for dogs and Rory did agree with that! Shelley do you think you could mix that in with your recipes? I always admire those of you who have the time to do homeade food for your dogs. As a general rule I'd try to stay away from the straches but then again if your dog gets a vigorous active exercise then I think the caution  for "white foods" is lessened. Most of the rice found in dog foods is brown, I dont see why you couldnt add some oats or barely too if they arn't already in the recipe....mmmmm I'm getting hungry!
  • One of mine doesn't tolerate rice.  He gets oatmeal. [:D]
  • I know that rice is supposed to be good for sensitive stomachs, but I've found that I can't feed it to two out of my three dogs, because it gives them diarrhea. Brown rice is worse than white rice in this regard, because the bran causes it to pass right through them undigested. Literally, they go out back and poop rice. If I must give them a starch, I tend to choose potatoes, pasta, oats, or barley, which works a lot better for them.

    Perhaps your dog is able to tolerate rice better than mine, in which case, I'd suggest that you go for white rice or else overcook the brown rice and process it in a food processor or blender, to allow it to be more easily digested.
  • ORIGINAL: Shelley75   Which is better to give a dog, white or brown rice?  Is it okay to give white rice for a few days then switch to brown rice for a few days?

    Hi Shelly,
    I found this quote for you from The Robery Abady articles:
    If it is brown rice, it is less digestible because dogs cannot break down fibrous material. If it is white rice, it should be kept to a minimum, because the only contribution white rice makes to a diet is starch (carbohydrates). From a scientific standpoint, the dog has no requirement for carbohydrates and therefore the lower the quantity in a diet, the better.