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Orijen-cheapest place to buy?

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Orijen-cheapest place to buy?
  • I want to try Orijen for Ella.

    I would go with Eagle Pack's Holistic duck, but I want something a bit higher in protein and I feed her out of food dispensing toys for her meals. I do give her extra things occasionally in her kong, but I want a kibble that is high enough in protein to be fed alone.

    I cannot get Orijen locally, so I'll have to order it online.
    I was hoping to try their fish formula but that seems SOOO expensive.
    I was only going to get a 5 lbs. bag to try at first.

  • k9cuisine.com has prices that don't seem that unreasonable.  They also have free shipping on orders over $50.00
  • I'd get it from there in a heartbeat, BUT...I want to get some Addiction canned foods and I'd have to buy entire cases there. I wish they sold those separately because I like to mix and match.

    I'm going to try one more place.

  • Let me know what you come up with.  I'm always looking for better prices. [:)]
  • I bought it here:
    [linkhttp://www.naturalpetmarket.com/results2.cfm]Natural Pet Market[/link]

    I bought it there because they had .88 lbs. bags for $1.99 and I ordered 4 of those because I only want to try it. It's a better deal to buy 6 of those bags, I think, than to buy the 5.5 lbs. bags.
    PLUS, I bought it there because I bought some Addiction canned foods, the Brushtail and the Unagi. And I got some of the Addiction Kangaroo and Apples dry food to try her on, too.

    Shipping is what gets ya there.
    But their prices are reasonable. And they ship fast, I've bought from them before.
  • Thanks.  I've been wanting to try the Orijen fish for the boys, but didn't want to buy a bag then throw it out if they can't eat it  At the price of this food, I was afraid I'd have to eat it myself rather than throw it out [&:].  The smaller bags make sense.  I'll give them a try.  Thanks again.
  • Wait. They don't have the fish formula. Just the regular formulas.
    The fish formula is really expensive and not too many places have it yet. Not that I could find, anyway.[:D]

    I'd love to give Ella the Addiction Kangaroo and Apples formula all the time, but now THAT'S expensive food.
    Almost $40 for 15 lbs.!
  • I was just going to tell you I couldn't find the fish formula at that site. Not many places have it yet, but I know k9 cuisine does, just don't know if they have sample sizes - guess it wouldn't hurt to ask....
    I've looked at the Addiction and yeah, tooooo expensive to feed regularly.   
  • Exactly! That's why if she does well on the 3 lb. bag I ordered, she might get it occasionally just for variety, but I won't buy more than 3 lbs. of it at a time and it'll never be her "forever" food!

    And for what I've been able to gather, price-wise, for Orijen's fish formula, meh, there are PLENTY of other grain-free fish formulas out there that are way cheaper than that!
  • As far as other fish formulas,  right now Buck is eating Timberwolf Organics Ocean Blue.  He has colitis and he does well on this food.  Chazz is eating the TO elk and salmon.  He has allergies and does well on this formula. He doesn't do well on the fish - it seems to be lacking something he gets with the elk??? Does that make sense?  I was looking for one food for both boys - you know, trying to make life simple.  I have 2 stores (one local and one not so local) where I can purchase TO but it seems neither has both formulas at the same time.  I have to go to 2 different stores for the same brand of food. UGGHHHH!
  • I believe timberwolforganics.com offers free shipping still for orders over $15.

    I can get T.O. locally as well. Ella is on the Ocean Blue. Her poops are larger than I like at times, but other than that, she does really well on it.
  • Yep TWO is free ship and 10% off on orders over $100.  I buy a 33lb bag of 2 different formulas for 2 different dogs and come out right at $100 then get the 10% off.  Actually comes out much cheaper to order straight from their site and have it delivered than to get it from local stores.  Someone still had to pay shipping and then the stores add a little more on for profit.  For me it always comes out at least equal to the cost of having it shipped to me.  Only wish TWO had some canned food cause I still have to order that from other places.
  • They do have canned food, but only one formula.
    And when I emailed to find out if it had grains in it, no one would email me back about it.
  • I think it's grainless but mostly poultry based and Zami doesn't do as well on poultry.  Maybe if it was just pheasant I'd try it but it contains 2 chicken ingredients then some fish, herbs, sweet potatos, and a couple fruits.
  • Maybe the reason Orijen is more expensive on the fish food is that they say theirs is human grade.  Other kibbles that aren't human grade will have that bad preservative (ethoquioxin - sp?) in it.
    Just something I had previously wondered about....