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HELP! The dog ate my vitamins!

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HELP! The dog ate my vitamins!
  • Long story short, my boss found her 1 year old yorkie eating her vitamins this morning - how bad can this be???
    eating her vitamins

    Her vitamins, or yours?  And how many and what are they?
  • OK, it all depends on how many, what kind, etc.

    If she can't get in touch with her own vet or needs it, here is the Animal Poison Control #  1-888-426-4435.  I believe there is a fee for using this number but it's worth it, if it helps and possibly saves the dog's life.

    I think she should call them and they will walk her thru trying to figure of what he took and how much and if he needs to go for treatment. 

    She should do this right away. 

    Good luck.
  • Thanks, I'll pass that on.  From what I understand, the dog at a GNC Women's multi vitamin, a calcium vitamin, and a B12
  • If the dog ate more than perhaps a couple, she needs to call animal poison control immediately. http://www.workingdogs.com/doc0002.htm or 888-426-4435  I've used this service - they were exceptionally professional, knowlegable, friendly, and didn't even charge me for some reason though I was ready with my Mastercard.  You will need the bottle if it's not completely destroyed, so they can look up the exact formula.

    If it was just a couple, or if it was a dog formulation, call the vet.

    Iron is POISON in just a little more than the recommended daily allowance.  There are a few other human nutrients that are not good for a dog in higher levels.  Some of the new human formulae are very potent, and some contain other ingredients that are not suitable for dogs, such as certain herbs.
  • She should also call her vet and check with them.
  • Dyan I think she means human vitamins.
    If I were your friend or boss, I would call the vet to ask just how toxic it could or could not be to the Yorkie. My gut instinct would be take the Yorkie to the vet especially if it ate a lot of the pills. I would think it is too much for his little body to process. Especially since calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D in excess of a dogs capacity to use them can be adversely affected. Overdosing with D can cause major problems on the heart, lungs and blood vessels too.

  • Gwen--If she only took one each of those three, I'd just have her check that it's OK.  I don't think they are going to do anything if that's all she took.  They'll probably just have her watch her for stomach upset.  But, I'm not sure so she should call either vet or poison #. 

  • More than likely, nothing will happen. Some, like vitamin C might cause diarrhea if bowel tolerance is exceeded.