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Salmon Oil and Stomach Upset?

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Salmon Oil and Stomach Upset?
  • Ok, so yesterday, I finally went out and bought some Grizzly Salmon Oil (and vitamin E of course). I gave Eevee the recommended amount, of both the salmon oil and the vitamin E. I woke up this morning,and she was panting crazily by my bed, meaning only one thing. She had the runs and was about to explode!! So I ran her out, and sure enough... >-.-<

    So my question is this: Can a dog's stomach be upset by the sudden addition of salmon oil, if they've never had it before?
  • [:D] Yes. I started Ginger on about 1/4 of her expected dose and worked her up over the course of a few days. Same with Small Dog. Sorry for the runnies. At least it wasn't your carpet. [sm=biggrin.gif]
  • Yes for some dogs they just need to sdjust slowly.  Work up to your dosage.[:)]