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Dinovite vs. missing link?

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Dinovite vs. missing link?
  • I've tried the missing link for Dahlia, at the advise of a holistic vet. It hasn't really seemed to help (she's got an autoimmune disorder called dermatomyositis)... but I was told to keep using it for at least 2 weeks - it wont hurt anything (all good stuff). She likes it, so I'll continue to give it to her and Casey.

    Recently - I've had a few people ask me about Dinovite - a similar supplement (I tihnk?). My mom just asked me about getting some for Benny. The reviews seem to be pretty good - but it also seems to be VERY pricey....no where close to the missing link!

    Any opinion of the two? I'm already using fish oil/vit e for all the dogs... but Benny still seems to be itchy. I am not opposed to switching his food...He's eating Wellness Complete Health right now, we tried EVO - but he seemed to not react well to that (not sure if it was the chicken, or just the food in general), so I'd like to stay away from chicken, just in case. He's also on thyroid supplements for hypothyroid. His shedding has gone down dramatically since starting the thryoxine, but he still itches... constantly. He's on comfortis, so no fleas.

  • I've heard great things about it. Personally, I've only tried the taste samples. Bean gets Nuvet, and that's awesome, for her. The other two just get fish oil and vit e. Bean seems to need extra, with her quality kibble, to keep that healthy glowSmile

  • I've actually been wondering lately about Wellness food.  I know very little when it comes to commercial kibbles but I've been seeing links lately in dogs eating Wellness and skin issues (and autoimmune issues).  Am I just being paranoid?  Does anyone else here feed Wellness?

    ALSO, I've never heard of the two above supplements but the one thing that stuck out when looking them up is a) Price, and b)the first ingrediant listed is Flax seed!  Isn't flax seed linked to allergies/allergens??  My memory is bad so maybe I'm wrong here.  Might be worth asking the vet about though.

    Good luck

  • Benny's always been itchy... since I've had him (almost a year now). It's BETTER since the thyroid meds (which we've tested - he's at the right dose). He's been on fish oil/vit e - really makes no difference that I've noticed. Shedding is still there, but minimal for an aussie :) Maybe a change in food is what he needs...He's been on Blue, EVO and Wellness (and who knows what before I got him - his coat was in awful shape, so I know it was nothing good...)

    The missing link is MUCH cheaper...I buy directly through a vet (local holistic, she was doing relief work at the clinic I work for). Dahlia's issues aren't allergy related, but genetic - so the flax seed is not a concern with me for her (could be for Benny though...)

  • I have a Shih-tzu with fall allergies.  She scratches as soon as the leaves turn until the first frost.  (We live in Ohio).  I used to give her benedryl although I hated doing so.  This past fall I started using Dinovite.  I ordered the powder that mixes with the food.  It looks nasty, and she did not like the taste (but is very picky to begin with).  After about a week I noticed she did not scratch nearly as much.  My husband and I both noticed it.  It got so that I did not have to medicate her anymore.  That alone was worth it's weight in gold. 

     I have to admit, after the fall I havent kept up giving it to her, and need to get back on track.  I did re-order the product but ordered the gooey jell instead that stores in the frige.  I also noticed that her energy level increased and she seemed to have more confidence going up stairs and jumping on the couch.  I do feed her good food on a normal basis.  I usually feed Blue Buffalo, Wellness or Halo, so I didnt think anything would be missing in her normal diet. 

    I will plan on starting her back on it again.  Do watch when ordering.  Their site places more in your "cart" than you enter.  You need to manually change it.  Good luck!

  • I don't really trust wellness. I know too many that have had uti's / crystals and other similar problems (allergies) while eating that food. I know these things are usually genetics as well but once the dogs switched off wellness they didn't have any more issues.

    I've given missing link and thought it did what it was supposed to do. Haven't used the other though. So sorry, I'm not much help.

  • I decided against the dinovite. Too expensive.... I just can't afford it right now. I'm still giving Casey and Dahlia the missing link with their dinners - it's all omega 3's and 6's, so it can't hurt.

    We're also completely done with the wellness. Everyone, even the cats, is on TOTW now.