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Schnauzer Hair cut day!

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Schnauzer Hair cut day!
  • The threesome got their spring hair cuts today. They are now feeling just a little more spring in their step I think! Wink After their hair cuts we went down to the park for a jaunt. Beautiful day, but as you see we can't seem to get rid of that SNOW! Anyway, some fun pics, enjoy!


  •  They're so SHINY!!! I love how your dogs' coats look, and I especially love the clips with no belly fringe. That looks really nice, especially for boy dogs.

  • Your dogs look as plush as velvet in the indoor pic's, absolutely beautiful. 



    This one is irresisteable!

  • Yeah, I really don't like keeping all the belly hair on them. It's just more hair to comb, hair to get peed on, hair to get wet...lol. I actually prefer the appearance of a streamlined, clipped belly to the show-style fringe belly. And since they aren't being shown in conformation, well, what I want is what I do! Stick out tongue

    Shimmer and Zipper both have more of a show-dog style coat, with the fluffier furnishings. Through clipping their coats have become very soft. However, Gaci has a much more working-terrier coat in that it is much harsher even though it has been clipped all of her life, and she has the more wiry, almost mat-free coat. Besides combing once weekly for good health, she never needs to be combed. She's a little working dog through and through, whereas the other two definitely have the showier coat that needs to be combed every two days or else it mats.

  • They look so good in their spring haircuts!  Kim, I am in love with your guys.  I love schnauzers!

  •  Oh how I love minis!  Yours are beautiful and clearly they don't want to get rid of the snow. :)

  • aloha is it possible for you to send me a picture of your schnauzer for me to take to my australians terriers groomer? We love the haircut and would like to duplicate it. This web site won't allow me to print from it, perhaps email is better? very much appreciated mahalo k