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Head tilt!

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Head tilt!
  • I love head tilts!! haha if anyone has any pics feel free to post them!

    Heres one of Sabrina tilting her head when I made a farting noise..haha. sorry its a lil blurry...if I used flash her eyes would glow...

  • I shared a few last time we did this topic...but this one is newer...

  • Ever so slight head tilt from Madame Nonnie...


  • I LOVE German Sheperd head tilts!!  lol, they are so expressive, you can just hear the "huuuuuh?"  FourIsCompany has some great ones, too, I remember, lol I hope she posts them!!!

  • "Me?  A model?  Ya think so?  Really?"  Oh she's got the head tilt down pat!  Love her.


  • Otto as a baby!
  • Puppy tilts:


    B'asia is the tilt-master! LOL


  • Doxie tilt!


    Photo of Zoe, a female Dachshund

  • FourIsCompany

    Puppy tilts:


    THANK YOU!!! This is my faaavvouurrriiiteee!!

  • These are all so cute! Rupert doesn't really do the head tilt thing much - he kinda lifts his head up and back, and sometimes his front paws come off the ground for a second when he's sitting. He also looks just above your head, as if your words came out in a little cartoon bubble. It's pretty funny.

  • Caleb does the head tilt thing a lot.  Can't believe I have a couple of pictures of it!





  •  How about a head tilt VIDEO!! Big Smile

     Basil headtilt">


  • My fave photo of a Talus tilt...

    I have to agree that B'asia is the tilt master....Yes