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8 weeks old-Beagle puppies

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8 weeks old-Beagle puppies
  • Here are the girls 8 week old pics (Hero spent his 8 weeks birthday at the vet...checking on him this a.m.)...they are both going to CT next week or thereabouts to be with Nonnie's breeder/co-owner. Twyla is such a pretty girl...Windy has he flaws but we'll grow her out and see!
    Twyla, then Windy....

  • Awww....How could such a cute puppy have flaws ?
  • I don't mean to pry or anything, but how do you (and your children as well) feel about the girls going off to their forever homes next week?  How did you prepare your kids?  Is Hero definitely going to stay with you?

    Im just asking because I'm sad and their not even mine!  And we've all watched them grow up before our eyes.  I just don't know how you do it (and you do it well by the looks of those beauty babies), I would never be able to breed-I'd end up keeping them all![;)]
  • I don't think you're prying...not at all.
    Elias could care less...he's 3 going on 4 and his attention span is about that of a gnat lol! Lily gets upset...but a 6y/o upset is fleeting and ever changing. You think she is moping in her room and she comes out and shows you a catalog where she's circled every toy "just in case we wanted to buy her anything"...kids! I think it bothers her a bit...but we've talked about why...she knows what dog shows are, she knows some of the pups didn't make it at the beginning....she knows that some we keep and others make other people happy. Situations that arise with dog breeding often help out a parent to explain things they might otherwise avoid. Like today when Lily suggested I breed Hero to his Mom...lmbo. I'd have put that conversation off YEARS otherwise...haha!
    Now as to my feelings? Always mixed. I have more trepidation and worry when they go to show homes because in my limited experience these are homes that most often fall thru, or don't turn out, etc. Farther in you worry about thier breeding decisions etc...trust is a huge factor in breeding. No man is an island...you have to expose your dogs to other people and allow them to be owned by others and relinquish some control over their futures. Scary! Not for the faint of heart to be sure. You have to trust your instincts and gut feelings and be commited to not doing things you aren't comfortable with...for the sake of finishing a dog, owning a dog, or doing a breeding etc. Delicate balance for me between doing what I want to do...and what I am contractually obligated to do. Honoring my commitments so as not to be required to make them in the future...because I have earned some trust...etc.
    Hero is staying yes. He has thru this difficult issue with his illness, his little face and form, wormed his way in.
  • How is Hero doing today?  I tried looking for an update on his tummy troubles but didn't find anything more recent than yesterday. 

    How do you see flaws in puppies that small?  I mean obviously you learn what to look for, but don't they change radically in the next couple months?  And how on earth do you get 8 week old puppies to stand still for pictures?  When I try to take pictures of Onyx she turns into one of those ladies on the Reitmans commercials!!!  Seriously she's a lop eared dog, but I don't think I have a single pic of her with her ears down.
  • Huskymom I posted an update today...it's in the thread...it's today I promise lol 6/15.
    They are table stacking by 2 weeks old for short periods of time. As soon as they can stand. If they never learn it's awful, or NOT a normal part of growing up they don't tend to mind. They actually do really well but are always squirmy at first. For every pic like above I have usually 10-30 that are of heads flipping at the last second, a leg is off to the side or funky expression, etc lol. My vet loves it because they really are easier to examine and give shots to etc because of the table training.
  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Gina. I have a 5-year old daughter and I can only imagine how she would act in Lily's position...thus my question to you regarding the children.  I'm so glad Hero will be staying with you.  At least we'll get to see pictures of him as he grows!  Hope he feels much better soon.....