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MISAR dogs

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MISAR dogs
  •  just some pics of the dogs in our SAR group (these are on fb too). I didn't take these, but they were taken about 2 months ago during a group training event. I love these dogs. They all have such great personalities. And I think it's so cool to see how many different breeds do the job.

    Maizy (trailing dog)


    Every training session starts with obedience (heels, weaves, sit/down stays, recalls, etc)

    Dallas (HR dog - newly certified - yay)


    Jackie (air scent - this dog is awesome at the job. She makes everything look so easy. She's also your typical female cattle dog, as in she doesn't want other dogs in her face)


    Mischa (my bosses dog - she is also a bird hunting dog. very well trained)

    My heart dog


    Ranger - he's the life of the party. His reward for searching is a cuz ball that he plays keep away with everyone. It's too cute. It's also disgustingly slobbery if you ever get your hands on it!


    Charlie - who wouldn't love this dog? Just look at him! He's really funny with Neiko. He'll tempt Neiko to play then when Neiko says ok I'll play, Charlie runs away and pees on a tree like "Oh, I was just kidding I don't want to play"

     Tyche - she's awesome. Like Jackie, she makes it look easy. Her handler could just put up a lawn chair and the dog would go do the job on its own.

     Bristol - she's our FEMA dog. She's pretty funny. She has squeaky barks (like Lily) and then she has big girl barks. We're only supposed to reward her for the big girl barks. I love her floppy ears too :)



  • I love Neiko.  He just looks like such a fun dog. 

    Bristol is adorable, as is Charlie!

  • Oh Neiko!  You are so handsome.  I'm also partial to Maizy.  Love dem ears!

  • What great pics!   I'm kind of partial to those beautiful Labs. lol  Neiko, you are, of course, the most handsome of all!  Big Smile