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Texas Bluebonnets

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Texas Bluebonnets
  • One of my favorite things about spring is the bluebonnets, & I thought that I'd share some pics with everyone.

    Today, Bev, Shooter & I set out to take some blubonnet pics.  I had originally planned on takin everyone, but I wasn't able to find a safe, enclosed area to shoot pics.  We ended up taking pics about 8-10 foot off of  a busy highway, so I opted to only take the dogs who I know will stay, & not be possessed to run a zoomie at an inopportune moment.

    This a a single bluebonnet.  Nothing spectacular, right?

    Luckily, they tend to grow in huge masses, so they look like this instead.

    Bevo was being a turd today, & wanting to ignore the camera.

    Then he started car watching. 

    The sun was a little too bright for Shooter's eyes.

    This is probably one of my favorite pics of Shooter.  It truly captures his arrogance.

    Then, he started paying attention to what was going on around him.

    I looked over to see what he was focused on, & saw this.....I forgot to tell Bev to stay.  To his defense, he was still down as I had asked....

    We attempted a few shots together.  Bevo decided to start barking.  Shooter, thought that Bev was stupid....

    I really liked this one.

    And this is one of the reasons that I love Dobes.  Someone pulled over & stopped next to my jeep.  They were stopping to take pics as well, but at the time, we didn't know that.  Bev went from being my sweet, silly, goofy boy, to fully alert & serious in less than a second.  I love dogs who can be silly, but can get serious, quidkly, if they need to.

    Thanks for looking!


  • Beautiful pictures, Amanda!!  They are really gorgeous this year.  The boys look good in flowers. :) 

  • Amazing pics! I have to say Bev is one of my favorites on Idog, Im always excited when you post new pics of the handsome boy.Big Smile

  • Great pics! I like the last one when they're both "on alert"

    And I *LOVE* the collar... of course. It looks so good on him Big Smile


    He looks JUST like Bailey when he finds a good spot to roll in (well except for their color... and breed, they look identical, sort of )
  • I love Bluebonnets!!!  Especially Blue Bonnets with those rare "Bev and Shooter" varieties!!!!  Love those pics so much!!! 

    The last one with both on point is awesome!

  • Spazzy
    And I *LOVE* the collar... of course. It looks so good on him Big Smile

    I love the collar, but Bev LOVES the collar.  He is hilarious with this collar.  If I don't put it totally away, he will snag it so that he can sleep with it.  When I am getting ready to put it on him, he gets all serious.  Once it's on, he prances around preening.  He has always been an arrogant, cocky dog, but when this collar goes on, it's 10 times worse. 

    Normally, if he wants to meet someone new, he will walk up to them & then turn so that they pet him on his back/butt because he doesn't like people messing with his face/neck.  When he meets people with the collar on, he walks up, pushes his neck out as if to say "Hi, I know that I'm good looking, but did you notice my collar?  It's almost as handsome as me."  It's so funny.


    Hey, Shooter looks serious also!!!  You giver Shooter.


    This is probably the nicest picture I've ever seen of Shooter!!! 


    Great pics!


    We attempted a few shots together.  Bevo decided to start barking.  Shooter, thought that Bev was stupid....

    The Bluebonnets are lovely.  Thanks for sharing pictures of them.

    This picture makes me laugh.  I lovelovelove Shooter's expression.  "Bev, you are SUCH a dork". ~L~

  • As much as I love the Bev, Shooter has a special place in my heart.  You can send him to me anytime.

    The bluebonnets are beautiful !!


    Deb W. 


  • Beautiful flowers, handsome boys! 

  • You certainly have a gorgeous pack. I just adore Bevo.

  • Aww, I have been wanting to see some TX bluebonnets, and now with Dobe&Dachs!  Hooray!  Thanks for sharing, Shooter is a good looking little guy.  We already know that Bevo is the "handsomest", of course. :)

  •  The flowers are pretty! Your boys are so handsome. Shooter cracks me up. What a 'tude he has :)