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Chihuahua or Min Pin?

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Chihuahua or Min Pin?
  • I went up to the old trailer to check the mail and I find this little girl up there. I asked the neighbors around there if she was theirs or knew who she belonged to and they said no. She is a good weight,nice white teeth,and short well trimmed nails. She appears to be spayed also. I can see a spay scar.She is very friendly. Isnt bothered by any of my dogs or cats. Wasnt bothered by the short car ride home.

    I just cant figure out if she's a Min Pin or Chihuahua. If she didnt have a tail I would defiantly say Min Pin. But she also reminds me of the Taco Bell dog.

    What do you guys think? One ear sticks up and one down when she's relaxed. She can make them both stand I have noticed.  Oh and please wish with me that someone comes to claim her. I would love to reunite a dog with it's owner for once than having to find her a home.



    I am not choking her!!! 

  • She has a Min Pin face.....but the rest is Chihuahua to me.....maybe a cross od both?

    Sending good vibes for a safe reuniting or a great new home found!

  •  Her face is what was telling me Min Pin!!

    I think she might be Min Pin. I took her outside and she has that hackney gait Min Pins are supposed to have. But everything else looks Chi to me. 

  • I'm going to say Chi, she looks exactly like a Chi. I've seen some min pins with long tails, and  they haven't curled like this girl's does. The ears also look Chi to me, and I've seen a lot of Chis move in that stylish gait.

  • I found a Min Pin on the net with a tail.


  • By the looks I would say Min Pin. I just compared her pics to ones on google images w/ undocked tails and I really see it in her. I'm no expert by far though!

  • She looks very much like this one I found on the net.


  • I say min pin a friend has a female min pin she looks like the one you found but she is rust color.

  • Her face looks a lot like a min pin and I am not sure about if chi's do it or not, but Izzy always crosses her legs like she is doing in that first pic.  Her coloring is sort of light though for a rust min pin.  The second pic makes me think Chi though for some reason.  Maybe she is a mix of min pin and chi.  She sure is cute! 

  • Both? I can see characteristics of both breeds.

  • I say Chihuahua.  Min Pins that I've seen have longer legs and the coloring is too light.

  • I have one of both!

    But I definately say she is a Min Pin, or atleast mostly Min Pin.

    Fingers crossed that she has owners that will come claim her! :)