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Cat is drooling/foaming at the mouth

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Cat is drooling/foaming at the mouth
  •  I went to put ice in the cats water dish to make it cold and my BabyCat was meowing as always and when I looked down at her, her mouth was opened and she had drool coming out of her mouth, I live in florida it's been really hot do you think she might be dehydrated? I called the emergency vet she told me to wrap her in a blanket and take a q-tip and check her mouth out, I have tried this but BabyCat wasn't having any of it.  How could I get her to drink more???? She doesn't eat alot or drink alot and I'm thinking the heat is just to much for her.  What can I do to get her rehydrated???

  • To get fluids into your kitty, take a syringe (anything over 5cc?) (sorry, I don't have mine handy to read the cc size), and force feed her fluids if you suspect that she's dehydrated.  You should have no problems in doing this, but if she doesn't want to completely open her mouth, then pull the cheek out forming a small pocket and gently depress the syringe.  Make sure the water isn't too cold, as this could upset her tummy, and not too much in one sitting.  Give BabyCat fluids as often as you feel she needs them, or approx every 3-6 hours.  Pharmacies carry the syringes, often in packs of 2-5, and they shouldn't be expensive at all.  There great to keep on hand for events such as in your case.  Our vet suggested these tips when my Teddy was sick with pneumonia, and wasn't interested in eating or drinking.  You can get her to eat wet the same way (if that becomes an issue) by watering it down into a broth and syringe feeding her.  Make sure too that BabyCat's food is warm, as cats don't eat cold food.

    You can also sneak extra fluids into her food if you feed her wet/canned.  Add a couple of teaspoons of water to the wet to form a broth.  Not too much again as it can alter the taste of the food; defeating the purpose.Wink

    A really easy way that you can tell if your pet's dehydrated is:

    Take the roll of skin that's by her neck/shoulders and give it a slight pull upwards.  It should 'snap' back into place if she has enough fluids in her, but if it slooowwwlly goes back, then she may be lacking.

    Another way to tell is to firmly grab her and open up her mouth.  Press gently on the gums.  If they seem pale or feel tacky to the touch then your kitty may be dehydrated.  Healthy gums should be bright pink (not red) and have a slime/saliva over them.

    My cat drools when he's really excited to see me, or if he's super relaxed.  Foaming on the other hand?? I dunno.  

    I wish you luck!!!!!  Hope some of this helps.Smile


  • http://www.cathealth.com/drooling.htm

    If she's still drooling today, time for a vet check. 

  •  I am trying to do everything and anything without going to the emergency vet I called and it would be $115 just for the vet to get there and then all the other tests and right now don't have it my DH just got laid off on thursday, I just went and put the water bowl right up to her because she won't let me feed her unless she scratches me and I noticed the tip of her tongue is a dark color red and she keeps licking. Why do all my animals get sick on the weekends??? I was praying she would be fine at least until monday so there isn't a emergency vet bill but don't think that will happen and I don't have the money.  I'm gonna call around and see what some other vets say I know some vet won't take her unless she's been seen. I really don't wanna go where Princess was last seen

  •  thinking it has to be her teeth she usually has bad fishy breath her mother had the samething I always tell her u have ur mama's breath but its seems more fishy then ever

  • Some things to note..cats drool/foam if they've eaten something that tastes badly and if they have something stuck in their mouth.  It can also be a tooth issue..irritating loose tooth, etc


    The bad breath could also be an indiction of a tooth issue, or another health problem.

    Her tongue could, in theory, be dark because she had her mouth open and it's a bit dry..what color are her gums? Are they also dark?


    Cats can pant if they're hot or stressed, but they generally have to be excessively so.  I'd certainly have her checked out,when possible

  • Try to give her some canned food - there is extra water in there. Drooling is usually a sign of something wrong with her teeth - may be time for a cleaning.

  • How old is your cat?

    Has she had anything different to eat? Or drink? Or new medications such as flea meds?

  • Is BabyCat peeing?  The stinky breath that you mentioned has me thinking it could possibly be a kidney issue.  The cat seems young for that but it could be.  He should get checked out.  I wouldn't let panting and drooling go. 

    I also just searched and came across this site which also has some possible causes for the symptoms. 


  • On that list in the link above is "disorders of the esophagus."   This might be off the wall...but Bubblegum started her illness with drooling and foaming..... she had megaesophagus....  I'm on a forum of all dogs that have MegaE,,,,but there are a couple of cats that have it too.   So its not totally off the wall!

  • Yeah, it could be any number of things.  These symptoms are common to lots of problems--some minor, some more serious. BabyCat should definately get checked out as soon as possible. 

  • I am taking her to the vet in the morning my old vet that Princess went to see wanted $75 to come in but it was the lady that seen Princess last so I will not take her there going to my new vet who wanted $115 just to get to the office hopefully it's nothing major Sad

     It's not alot of drool but she does have it foaming at her mouth and kinda looks green, it's hard to see in her mouth because she's a fighter and she'll claw me I was trying to take a look before and I'm not to sure and I sure hope it's not what I think but you know those pokey things you get from grass she had something black near her lip but she started to go nuts when I went to try and see if thats what it was. but it's almost as if she can't close her mouth all the way.  I have tried to wrap her in a towel as best as I can but she gets out of it and claws at me

    so in the morning she'll go to the vet.

  • BabyCat is probably 5 or 6 years old she really hasn't eaten I gave her wet food but she gave it a few licks and walked away tried giving her water she took a few sips then I tried giving her water with a dropper she wasn't having it  

  • Is she walking okay...and playing?

  •  She is walking fine not much playing, but BabyCat is at the vets took her this morning she is still there it was her teeth which I thought it was so they are working on her also vet nurse said to get a test done for aids I believe or something like that she said sometimes when cats all of a sudden get rotten teeth might be because of aids she said something like that lol I'm sorry I always forget what vets say its just like ok ok give me the amount of the bill lol which is costing me $260 but as long as she is alright its fine.

     BabyCat should be home by 4pm so I'll update everyone thanks again for the help Smile