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Pine Shavings Litter

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Pine Shavings Litter
  • I was just obsessing about my favorite breed - the sphynx - and came across kiln dried, pine shavings (for horse bedding) as a recommendation for litter. The poster said they last along time (the bag), and there's no dust.

    I'm always on the look out for better litter. I don't like clumping litter - I thinik it's messy. I use clay, two pans at a time, and I switch it out completely every day or so (I use a little bit of litter each time). I have a stack of 6 pans I rotate through (can you tell I used to be an animal caretaker at a vet's?). I don't like how much waste I generate and how much litter I go through, or the general smell of litter (clean litter).

    Has anyone used this stuff? What do you think?

  • The cats have trouble burying their waste so mine never liked it.  It also is rather dusty(better than clay but not by much) and gets everywhere.  The best cat litter I've used is chicken feed.  Get a 50lb bag of layer pellets that isn't medicated(check the ingredients) and it works as well as clay, has zero dust, and only costs $10 or less per bag.  A bag lasts me a month with 3 cats and 3 litterboxes.  Only downside is it doesn't clump strongly(better than shavings would) but does stay together if you don't shake the scoop and it has a grainy smell some might not like.
  • Funny you say that, the same website also recommended chicken feed pellets (non-medicated). I don't mind that it doesn't clump - I don't use clumping litter. The promising thing about the feed is that I can throw it in the woods and it would break down! I am going to have to try that.

  • I'm glad I read this post, especially about the chicken feed. I really hate clay litter, and Brett hates it even more since he's the one who cleans the litter box lol. We're constantly looking for a better way to manage the cat box issue, but we keep going back to clumping litter for some reason.
    We've used pine shavings a few times, especially during our moves, since we had guinea pigs whose cages were lined with kiln dried pine. The odor was never that bad, but my cats are messy little boogers, so we seemed to have shavings everywhere, even though it was nothing a shop vac couldn't handle.
    I wonder how much of a mess Charlie and Deuce would make with chicken feed. Hmmm.
  • Pretty sure that World's Best is essentially a very expensive, possibly differently processed, version of the chicken feed described.  Being an urban dweller, I've not made it to a place which would sell the feed, but I intend to try it as I really like World's Best better than anything else I've ever tried. 
  • Yes and no.  World's Best is made from corn cob and chicken feed is made from the corn that came off the cob.  Along with often a few other random grains depending on the manufacturer and what's cheapest in your area.  A slight difference.  You can also buy corn cob bedding for both livestock and small animals that's the exact same thing.  Should work just as well but is still more expensive than most layer crumbles.
  • I tried the chicken feed thing, and to me it did NOT help with smell at all. And I loved the smell of the feed, til it got peed in. Also my very picky cat was upset with the new litter.... And the clumping was an issue. One you go clumping, you'll never go back (for me at least). It sort of clumped but a lot was wasted because I couldn't shake the scoop. but also more pee was left in the litter pan, creating more smell, etc. 

  • I was using the chicken feed too and was swearing by it for many months, but due to the loose clumping, the litter would start to smell and I'd be dumping out the whole thing and starting new frequently. 


    I realized I really wanted the odor control again so I went back to Tidy cats scoop....I still have a half bag of Chicken feed and probably could stretch the tidy cats by mixing the two...haven't done it yet.


    I tried the pellets since I have horses and used the pine pellets for my stalls, but the cats didn't like trying to dig through it (but they did) and since I didn't scoop,  it got stinky quickly too....changing it out was yucky!!

  • I've been using Feline Pine (regular, not scooping) with decent results. The only thing is I need to sift out good pellets towards the end of the litter's life so I'm not wasting litter. Can't find my scoop at the moment though...

     Urine smell is gone. Poop smell is greatly reduced.



  • Even though its expensive I stick with the worlds best.