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Flea & Tick Season

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Flea & Tick Season
  • What products do you use to combat fleas and ticks?
    Do you have any thoughts on other products that are valuable in easing the pains of the season
  • Where I live we don't have fleas or ticks at all. The wild animals have those problems, but unless a dog catches and kills a wild animal you don't need to use anything.

    And I'm not sneaking up on a moose to put Frontline on him! [:D]
  • I don't use any of those on a regular basis.  We do have issues with fleas and ticks in this area, but so far we've been very fortunate - knock on wood!  If I did find fleas, we'd probably use Advantage.  We use Interceptor at the SafeHeart dose for heartworms.
  • I just recently moved to FL so the fleas are crazy compared to where i lived before.  So I'm guessing we will be using Frontline Plus almost all year round. 
  • We use Advantage, because it is not quite as expensive as some of the others. I don't know exactly how it compares to the others, but so far we have had no problems--except the smell. I always seem to get it all over me the next couple of days when I'm petting the dogs.
  • I live in Alabama where you can cut the humidity with a knife most days.  Fleas and ticks thrive here, so Dakota gets Frontline Plus once a month.  Before we started using that on him, I found 3 ticks and some fleas on him.  Since then, I haven't found a single one (knock on wood).  I also use Frontline Plus on our indoor cats because I don't want to take a chance of having a flea infestation in the house!  Yuck!!!!
  • I use Frontline plus, K-9 Advantix sure looks like it does it all, but it's too new for me, want to wait to hear some statistics. Actually your poll shock's me I thought they pulled Bio-Spot.
  • Advantage here, but only if there is a problem, which is not often.  
  • Why is Heartguard on the list for a flea and tick poll? [sm=wink.gif]
  • We use inspection, supplemented by natural essential oil mixtures.
    I try not to use insecticides on my dogs.  We are in a heartworm area, so they are on preventive.  Four on Heartguard, one on Interceptor.
    I don't know why Hearguard is on the list for fleas and ticks  - it's my understanding that ivermectin, the active ingredient in Heartguard, is not effective against fleas or ticks, and that the dosage for parasitic infestations for which it is effective would have to be higher anyway.
  • My vet recommended Advantix when it first came out a few years ago but has since moved away from it because they found more people with flea and tick problems that were on it, compared to Fronline or Advantage plus a heartworm.  So we do Frontline Plus and Interceptor for our 4.  I've already found 4 ticks on me this year so no way am I risking an infestation!!
  • I use Advantage for my three and the cat.
  • we dont really have a problem with ticks here unless you live out in the woods, and the dogs havnt run into fleas yet.  i guess ill have to pick something from the list if they catch them.
  • I use Frontline but not with any regularity.
  • Before switching to natural products, it was Advantage.  The one thing although I hate will not take a chance on is heartworm, he gets it year round.  Heartgard Plus.