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Baby Oil in a dogs ears?!

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Baby Oil in a dogs ears?!
  • I washed a Husky dog today at the dog wash, and I went to clean his ears and noticed they were red and he did not like me touching his ears. I was able to look in them and it seemed he had a ear infection in his ears. So of course when the owner came to pick her dog up, I told her about his ears and that she may want to take him to a vet to have them checked out. Her response was that it's just dry skin and that she puts baby oil in his ears. Ok, so I never heard of this, and my assumption would be that is not good for a dogs ears, but can anyone tell me if that is ok for their ears or bad??
  • Good question! In the country they put petroleum jelly in the dogs ears.
  •  DUMB -- sounds like the dog has a bad case of allergies or maybe yeast.  But if the ears are at all damp (and typically red, inflamed skin is GOING to be damp) any sort of oil will worsen that.

    Dumb -- the owner should have thanked you and said 'Thanks for alerting me -- VET tomorrow!!'.

    Letting inflammation like that go can ultimately rob the dog of its ears (and if there is bacteria in there it can cause worse than just loss of hearing. )  Far more serious than she was treating it.

  • Callie,

    I did think yeast at first when I peeked in his ears, there were a few growths that did scream yeast to me, I figured just saying ear infection would raise a red flag to this lady. She was a typical snoody "ill pay any money to have my dog washed as long as I don't get wet and dirty doing it" She had zero personality either. The dog was sweet, I felt bad. I wanted to run him to the vet myself. I'm only hoping he has a vet checkup due in the very near future where the vet will catch his ears too. Thankfully I purposely didn't wash his head with water, I used a face wash so no water got in his ears. Unfortunately we get alot of dogs that come in that the owners think they are doing right by the dog, and they really aren't, and sometimes its hard to change their minds :-/

  • One of my college housemates was really picky about our pets having clean ears, so she would clean them each once a week or so.  I think she did use a little bit of baby oil.  I can't remember why....I think because the ear wax is oily, so just a wipe moistened with water isn't going to pick it up or break it up.  She didn't actually drop baby oil in the ears, just moistened a wipe with it and gently rubbed out whatever wax was visible.  For my dogs, I buy these canisters of pre-moistened wipes, and they are oily to the touch.  The mometamax ointments I use to treat Kenya's yeast infections (prescription from the vet) are also oily.  I never put anything that isn't prescription down in the ears, I've heard too many times that many home remedies just flush or push the yeast farther into the canal.  When she has a yeast infection, I put a few drops in her ears once a day, I massage her ears, and then I wipe out whatever gunk I can see with my wipes (but I don't push or dig them deep into her ears).

    If the animal already has an infection, that would have to be treated, just putting more oil in the ears and wiping them is not going to kill the infection (but it's important to keep the ears clean while treating the infection).

  •  Er, did you say growths?

    Yikes, that's a rip roaring infection that's going to take medical intervention to get rid of or that dog's gonna lose it's ears as Callie said, or more!  Any head infection can so easily go systemic (blood poisoning).  If the dog comes bad, I'd point to those growths and just say the words, "blood poisoning" and you'll scare her enough to cut through the self-importance.