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why can't a dog eat pork?

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why can't a dog eat pork?
  • I Just found out that dogs are not supposed to eat pork i.e. ham, bacon, etc???
    I feel bad that I gave this to my dog, not regularly, but little bits mixed in with her dry food when we've had ham for dinner.
    What's the story?  I know you good people at i-dog will have the answers!!!
  • Pork isn't bad for dogs but I was told it's not a good idea to feed it raw.  It also tends to have a higher fat content.  Ham, bacon and any other processed meats, have other ingredients used to preserve or cure them, and those ingredients may not be a good idea for dogs.  I don't think that feeding a small amount will do any harm though, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  • My dogs eat RAW pork with no problems.  Ham and bacon are highly processed and full of chemicals and nitrates.
  • When I cook pork butterfly chops or country pork ribs (boneless) I give some to our dog and he's been fine. Of course, it's not a lot and not all the time and it's cooked.
  • I just read this - so I thought I would add it here.  I don't know if it's true or not...

    Do not use meats that can cause trichinosis like pork.
    Trichinae develop as adults in the intestines and as larvae in the muscles, causing intestinal disorders, fever, nausea, muscular pain, and edema of the face. Trichinosis is therefore the disease caused by trichinae.

  • Trichinosis isn't really a danger in commercially raised pigs. They are pumped full of antibiotics, dewormers, etc to prevent such infestations. I wouldn't feel comfortable feeding my dogs raw, wild or family farm raised pork, but commercial pork is fine (as long as you don't mind the buckets of chemicals, LOL).
  • I give pork to my dogs. They love pigs feet, pig ears and fatback (the kind with no salt added).
  • That's why cook pork, to kill the trichinosis. I cook chicken to kill the samonella, and I cook beef to kill the e. coli. Wonderful thing, heat. It can avert a lot of trouble.
  • Oh Ron, you old Southern Boy you......raw is FINE for dogs.  Heck, I like my steak just barely past still mooing myself.....
  • Eagle Pack kibble has pork in it...
  • Other than pork being higher in fat, the last know case of tric was forever ago.  Calories would be my only concern (my dog had been to the 'all you can eat buffet' a few too many times before I got him.  Jules
  • pork is good for dogs. Ham and bacon are not-- they are salty and full of nitrates. An occasional treat, fine. But not too much.
    Trichinosis doesn't exist in commercial U.S. pork anymore. It's perfectly safe to feed it raw.
  • Perhaps because I was doing an elimination diet and using more pork than most people would on a daily basis, it was advised (by people I trust - who happen to feed raw) that if I used pork, to cook it.  The reasoning had more to do with it being a more difficult meat to digest raw and that was all.  I did give Sassy raw pork bones (shoulder/neck) several times during the trial diet, and she did just fine, and loved them.
  • ORIGINAL: marty_ga

    Eagle Pack kibble has pork in it...

    Some varieties, but not all. [sm=wink.gif]
  • Thanks! People have told me they shouldn't have it but just gave me a vague "it's not good for them".  I didn't know why - but I stumbled on that bit of info on that website while reading last night.

    I'm glad it's not really a worry. [:D]