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doggie downers

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doggie downers
  • I have a very energetic year old pomeranian, Cali.  I have taken her on plane rides a couple times now and havent really found anything to keep her quiet.  It is a 2hour plane ride from fla to pittsburgh.  The first time I took her I gave her half a pill of childs benadryll and that didnt even affect her...the last time we went I went to the vet before hand they gave me .. Acepromazine.  They cut the pill into 4s and I gave her one of the little pieces and she still wasnt settled on the plane.  I had called the vet yesterday to say we were going on another trip and I needed a doggie downer and I told the lady I needed a doggie downer for the plane and she said that they usually didnt give out the downers just for plane rides.  So I guess Acepromazine isnt a downer, is there something more powerful? Im just about to lie to them and tell them were going on a long car ride just so she will be quiet for 2 hours even if that means shell be drowsy for a little bit longer.  what do you guys use or anyone with poms on planes?  should i just lie to get a downer so shes not so anxious and doesnt bark???
  • How much does she weigh? The dose of Benedryl (diphenhydramine) is 1-2 mg per pound of body weight.  If she weighs maybe what -- 12 pounds?  Then a full teaspoon of children's Benedryl liquid would be the right dose and you could give her a full Adult benedryl capsule or two teaspoons of the liquid. 

    But I wouldn't guarantee she'd sleep and not wake up -- and you have to give it about 45 minutes to an hour before you board.

    So you literally want her comatose??  I surely wouldn't lie -- but I would have a serious sit down with your vet and tell them what you *need*.  Don't manipulate -- just ask for what you need.
    However -- don't wait until the trip to try it. 
    I wouldn't use sedatives -- I would use either valerian root tincture and maybe a Hylands "Calms Forte" -- but I would try it at home first.  See how it affects her.
  • she weighs about 8 pounds.  Would it hurt her to give her more of the ace if the vet doesnt give me a downer.  If they gave me a downer and she was out for like a day not for like 2days though.
  • The thing about this is, your vet knows things you might not know. Sedatives become unpredictable at high altitudes, and your dog could suffer some serious affects in the air.

    Why does she need to be sedated? It's a two hour trip. If she's crate trained, it shouldn't be a problem, at all.
  • Acepromazine

      Ace is a ;phenothiazine tranquilizer.  In all honesty I wouldn't give more Ace to a Pom due to the higher risk of cardiomyopathy within the breed.  jmo
      How long before the ride was the benadryl given before?  Sometimes it isn't so much the dosage as it is finding how long it takes the individual dog to feel the effects.....each can be a bit different.
  • Practice with her ahead of time. Make sure she thinks her carrier is the most amazing, fun, wonderful place in the world. My dog loves his because he loves going places with me  - if there's travel involved, there's nowhere he would rather be. Once your dog really likes her carrier, then practice taking her places with it. I think part of the scary part of airplanes is the vibrations - you know how if you push your forehead against the window it really jostles you around? Since your dog is on the floor, it's a lot bumpier for her. Getting her used to strong vibrations like that and making sure she has something soft to help cushion against the bumps can help. Putting something in the carrier that she's familiar with can also help her feel a little more secure - maybe an old sock that smells like you, or her favorite chew toy, or something like that.
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