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why dogs legs kick when you rub the belly?

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why dogs legs kick when you rub the belly?
  • I read an article a couple of years ago that said that the reason a dogs legs kick when you rub their belly is because its an instinctual behavior that has to do with copulating....menaing that when a dog mounts another dog, the area of the belly just near the top of the hind leg is a pressure point that triggers the thrusting motion....has anyone else heard this? The reason I ask is because I have a freind who does not beleive me! Thanks in advance.

  • LOL oh no!!  I'll never look at my doggie again the same way when she gets a tummy rub! 

  • I always thought it was a ticklish spot!!!! [8D]
  • Well, now, THATS an interesting theory.  I can't say it's not so, but since all of mine will do the leg kicking when I hit just the RIGHT spot on their chests, boys and girls alike, I have to really wonder about that one.
  • I cannot say for sure this is why they do that either. Very interesting to say the least. LOL
    I also thought it was just b/c of tickle spots and being ticklish. Dilly reacts like that even if you get into his arm pit with the leg thing.  Hmmmmmmmm........

  • Interesting theory! I don't believe it though! [;)] Why is it that some dogs will do the leg scratching motion when you scritch different areas? Gracie does it when you give her neck a good scratching. I've known dogs to do it when you rub their butts.
  • hehe... Sierra's legs lift off when i rub her butt....
    the way i explain it is, that she feels so good she doesn't know what to do with herself!
  • That's an intresting theory. Blue starts that leg thing when ever I scratch his lower chest region.
  • Talus has 3 tickle spots like that....
  • lol
    That's cute.  Hmmm...I don't believe it with Chase.  He kicks his leg only when I scratch his neck.  Unless he's hardwired wrong, I don't see how a neck scratch would set off a thrusting motion!
  • Really, what magazine was this "article" in??  I find it interesting that you'd post something like THIS as your very first post. 
    For the record, Willow thumps her foot when we clean her ears. 
  • Okay, I HAVE to take this theory & run with it. ~L~  Now, if I'm interpreting Joseph correctly he's talking of an erogenous zone. We all have them, maybe dogs do too.  Kinda scary if you think about it. ~L~
    Sorry, I've been listening to too much Raw Dog Comedy on Sirius. ~L~  It's kinda warped my thinking. ~L~
  • Always figured they were just ticklish.
  • hi willowchow...well I didnt read it in a magazine...it was an online article on dog behavior. The reason I posted that question was because I have a freind who does not beleive me. I know for a fact that i read that article, but it was many years ago...i cant seem to find it with a Google search. Oh well. Not that its gonna stop me from rubbin my dogs belly!!! 
  • I keep thinking about your post, and in my dog's case, he isn't really ticklish on his belly.  If this was some ancient behavior related to copulating, then all dogs would wiggle when you rub their bellies, right? That leads me to think that when an animal was spayed or neutered, would they then lose this ticklishness?  (No testicles, no drive to procreate, no wigglies while rubbing the belly.)  I really believe when a dog's belly is rubbed, some are ticklish and some aren't.  (Just like us peoples)  Lordy could you imagine tickling people and they uncontrollably pantomimed a sex act???  We wouldn't be able to tickle our children anymore, and you would have to be 18 to be tickled on the tummy.   Just a weird thought.  Jules