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Dog won't pee!

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Dog won't pee!
  • I finally got to bring home the dog of my dreams, a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is an ex-show dog that needed a nice pet home, so here she is and she is wonderful. Problem is, she will not pee!! She left the breeders house at 11:30am yesterday. We had a 6 hour drive back home and after many attempts at taking her out all last night, this morning and this afternoon, she still has not peed. I have tried her on a leash, without a leash in the fenced in yard, leaving her out while I watched her from inside (all she does is sit at stare at the door and this went on for an hour) What do I do? I'm afraid she's going to give herself a bladder infection, and at the least I'm sure she can't be comfortable! Has anyone heard of a dog not peeing for more than 24 hours?? I am getting worried about it, yet she is acting completely fine, eating, drinking, still a bit nervous of the new place, but what should I do?? Thanks! I will post pictures when I get some downloaded. 
  • Last bunch of ridgebacks I moved for rescue all came out of a MO puppymill and had no real interraction with people. They were major flight risks, had no idea how to 'go' on leash and pretty much held it for a day and a half until I scared the crap out of one. Conclusion: Not much you can do about it until she calms down enough to pee or can't hold it any more.

    And BTW congratulations. It is my unbiased opinion that ridgebacks are the coolest dogs.[:D]


  • My dog Conrad once held it for nearly 24 hours. We lived in a very rural area at the time but were traveling, visiting a friend in downtown Washington DC. Conrad almost never had to "go for a walk" and pee on a leash where we lived and he also wasn't used to all the noise, smells, stimulation etc.... We took him out about a jillion times and he wouldn't go. He clearly was distressed, panting, wouldn't let us sleep and finally at 3 AM we decided we'd just drive back home (it was a 90 minute drive). We got about 20 minutes into the drive when *GUSH*. He just couldn't hold it any more and started to go in the car. We pulled over, got him out, and he just went and went and went and went for like 3 solid minutes. After that he was fine.

    And congrats on your new dog. I love ridgebacks, they are so striking.
  • Sometimes I think dogs won't pee if they don't feel secure. When I first got Beau and he was a nervous wreck, he didn't pee for over 24 hours. I couldn't even get him on a leash to get him to a grassy spot because he was so heavy and kept rolling away from me. And even when I did eventually get him outside, he was trying to run so hard to get away that there was no way he was going to calm down. So I just left him in the kitchen overnight and when I woke up in the morning he had peed a flood in my kitchen. Thank goodness for linoleum! After those first few days he started being okay on the leash. When I lived in my apartment, he only went every 12 hours and never got a UTI (thank goodness), now that I live in a house, I let him out every 3 or 4 hours, but most of the time he usually still only goes twice a day.

    The only think I can think of to do is to wait it out. Eventually the dog will have to go and after that maybe your dog will calm down and not be so skittish. I know that Beau still will not pee if anyone but myself or my boyfriend is in the backyard (we're the only two people he feels really comfortable around). I think it's important to give the feeling to your dog that you are safe and will protect her (of course without rewarding being frightened). That seemed to work well with Beau and now he pees on command!
  • A rescued Lab female I adopted held her pee for 17 hours at a stretch when I brought her home.  I also think it has to do with settling in and nervousness.  Also, I think females are like camels compared to males.  I hope you have success with her peeing soon, poor gal!
  • Popcorn didn't go to the bathroom at all in the first 24 hours I brought her home.
  • I sit for a white german shepard(a female) who will not pee usually the first two days.  If I'm only sitting a weekend sometimes I don't see her pee at all.  She just is not comfortable even in her own yard without them there. 
  • She PEED!!! [:D] I was at work for several hours (work in a vet clinic so of course I got to ask their thoughts too!) and when I got home she begged to go out and took the longest pee I have ever seen a dog take! She must feel so much better! I just adore this dog, I have always wanted a Ridgie, and so far, she is just awesome! Thanks for the help everyone! I still promise piccies will come. 
  • Congratulations on the new pup and her finally going.  I know how you feel.  When Charlie gets upset he refuses to poop.  He once went 36 hours without pooping when we went out of town.  The good news is, is that once they go that first time you should be all set.  It can be very scary and a little nerve wrecking.
  • A month ago I adopted a Norwegian Elkhound who had to fly from Oregon to Anchorage, AK, and then ride home with me from Anchorage in my truck, another 8 hours.

    He wouldn't pee either! Not for love or money. He held it from 8am Sunday to about the same time Monday. He waited another 24 hours to poop, and then did it in his crate.....arrrggghhhh!

    He also did not know how to do his business while on lead. I'm teaching him and he's getting better at it. But it sure takes time and can be very frustrating!

    BTW: Don't be surprised if your new dog drinks like a maniac and pants a lot for a while. I thought Ole was sick and spent $200 at the vet thinking he might have a UTI. Turns out just all the stress caused by all the travel and change. It's taken him a month to really stop doing all that drinking the bowl dry all the time. (And we have a BIG water bowl!)
  • When they're this stressed, IMO, give them their space. Begin basic routines like feeding times, but make few demands until they calm down.

  • Glad to hear your new dog finally peed!  We took Kuma on a trip this winter, and he held his urine 56!!!! hours.  I was panicking and thinking he would end up with a UTI, but he never had problems.  I guess he is just used to peeing in his yard.  I had never really paid attention before, but have since noticed that he doesn't pee on walks either.
    When he finally did pee, it was like the gates of the dam had been opened! LOL  Seemed like it went on for 10 minutes!
  • That is just horrible that they give the dog up at 4 yrs of age.  I have to be away from home for 3 months each year and my girl (ridgeback) cries for weeks staying with my friend whom she's known since day one.  Glad you got the peeing thing fixed. Great breed I'm sure you'll enjoy.