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Dogtown on Nat Geo

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Dogtown on Nat Geo
  • I'm being a bum tonight and staying in, and I'm watching the dog whisper right now, but is anyone going to watch Dogtown. Has anyone heard of the new series? I hadn't until today, but they are showing the dogs that were confiscated from the Michael Vick case, and how they are doing and such. Think it might be a good show.

  • Me and my mom are planning on watching it tonight. It looks pretty good from the commercials.
  •  I'm watching it right now, it breaks my heart.  doG bless the Judge who did NOT order summary euthanasia of these dogs and gave them a chance!  My blood is boiling over this.  Michael Vick and his co-defendants deserve WAY more than they got.  I wish caning and hard labor were still used in the criminal justice system!  Angry

  •  What channel is Nat Neo?

  •  oh i know! watching this just makes me so angry all over again! I feel for all those dogs but am thankful they got a second chance at life. Thank god for these people rehabilitating them. I think Georgia is my favorite, after going through having all her teeth removed and having who knows how many litters of pups, she still wags her tail at the sight of a person. God bless her and all of the rest of those dogs.

  • Kle, Nat Geo is short for National Geographic. : )

    The show sounds good!

  •  Ahh I dont have that channel. Got discovery channel but not National Geographic. Darn it.

  •  great show - I hope that all continue to make progress and may be JUST may be pits will start getting a better chance!  It really showed how affectionate they are to humans

    I cannot use the words I have for Vick and other dog fighters or just the idiots breeding pits like mad.  ON the other end of the spectrum people like these at Dogtown are beyond amazing

    BTW my DH had gone to bed and Bugsy went to bed too but when I went in my bedroom to get something Bugsy was curled up on my sweatshirt and extra pillow on the floor next to my side.  Somehow after watching that show it really made me go all warm all over seeing my boy waiting for me.

  • Thanks for posting this! 

    One of my best friends works at Best Friends (LOL) and she has had the privilege of watching these dogs progress from day one.  I'm so glad that these dogs are being cared for by loving and patient people.  I visited her last year and got to meet some of these fantastic dedicated people.

    I was at the gym last night when a promo for the show came on the tv and my eyes started to well up looking at how the baby steps are adding up, especially for Cherry.  The guy next to me and spoke up saying how great this was for the dogs, so we chatted a bit about how we both had rescue dogs and why that is so important.  I hope this tv program not only educates people about the horrific practice, but also shows that not all dogs are a lost cause (regardless of breed).  I'm so proud of the work being done out in Utah.  Frankly, if I had to see in person the damage done I would personally find Michael Vick and slap him around a bit!

  • If only he had been convicted in texas by a "creative" judge who would sentence him to being dressed up in a dog suit, rubbed wth dog scent, hands tied and and let him spend some "quality time" with the dogs he bred and "trained."  Three times a week.  For ten years.

     I'm not actually advocating this as it would be bad for the dogs.  I just want to be clear on that.  Smile

  •  I'd sentence him and his co-defendants to some serious time in the rape stand!  Angry  And pull out all HIS teeth!

  •  Wow you may be my DH under an alias - can't say I disagree though

    How great was it to see that toothless champion running zoomies???? Big Smile

    Dogs are amazing

    and what a small world that g8r knows people there - tell them there are a whole lot of people standing behind all the work they are doing and admire them GREATLY! *understatement