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SPCA - ASPCA - Different or not???

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SPCA - ASPCA - Different or not???
  • Is there a difference between the SPCA International and ASPCA? I got a teeshirt from the SPCA International in the mail yesterday. I have seen the ASPCA ads on tv.
    I send donations to the North Shore Animal League now. So what about these two organizations?
  • Looks to me like perhaps the SPCA has  amore reasonable animal welfare bent....whereas the ASPCA tends more towards animal rights. I am sure others here would know more..but looks like they are different animals...and dog.com is a sponsor of the SPCA....didn't know that!
  • type in spca - and you get aspca
    aspca = The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • very interesting - so ck your local spca & if you agree with their misson statement & operations - then donate
  • I got Zoe from the MdSPCA (Maryland SPCA).  I donate to them but I get mailing labels from the ASPCA I think (probably through my SPCA).