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ANTS gahhhh

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ANTS gahhhh
  • So what can one use to kill the ants without hurting the dogs or children????
  • What kind of ants ?
  • My husband swears that warm budwiezer kills them!  I did see him pour some on a new red ant hill, and later that same day, I looked and most were laying above ground dead!
  • Outside? Inside? Red? Fire? Carpenter? Sugar? we need more info lol.
    If you can find the mounds...boiling water poured onto them does wonders but will KILL permanently any vegetation it touches.
  • Go to your local feed/ranch store and get some diatomacious earth.  Sprinkle liberally on the hills, repeat as needed, it does wash away after a rain, but it is cheap! 
    You should not breath the stuff in (it can be a mild irratant to the lungs), but ranchers have been known to feed it to their livestock to kill bugs.  I don't wear a mask when I'm using it, but I try to stay upwind of it.  It works by putting holes into the exoskeleton of insects.
    They also look cool under the microscope (for all you science geeks) [sm=wink2.gif]
  • All I know is that they are black, and outside, the mound is by and under a power box, the big green ones, so there is no vegitation.  I will try the beer, after doing the boiling water I know this thing is big though, oh and they dont bite.  As for the earth I live, for the first time ever, in a place with no feed stores.
  • Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and will kill most bugs. It works by cutting them up. It's a good thing to sprinkle in and around an outhouse, too. But then you mostly have to be an Alaskan to appreciate that, LOL!

    Are the ants coming into your house? If they are the big black ones, watch out, those are probably carpenter ants. I don't know where you are....if they are the teeny or middle sized black ones, they are probably searching for water.
  • As for the earth I live, for the first time ever, in a place with no feed stores.

    I think you can get some diatomacious earth mailed to you.  I'd call around to garden stores and check there too.  Are you so urban you don't have feed stores?  I can't imagine being so rural you don't have feed stores.  OTOH, if you just need an excuse to buy some beer . . . .[;)]
  • Greenhouses and nurseries have diatomaceous earth. [:D]
  • No I am not in such an urban place that we dont have feed stores, but I live in a place that there is absolutly no livestock or farming, the terran does not allow for it.  I will look at the garden place though, it is pretty big and they should have it, thanks alot.

    I live in a trailer so I highly doubt they are after eating it, but they are pretty small.
  • I got 5 poubds of DE online for 10-15 bucks. You put it in a sock, and dust it in the problem areas. For the actual HILLS, you can fill a bog dish with honey and set it next to the ant hill, but make sure it's shallow. this attracts all the ants and the honey holds them in.