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Does this look like a Pit Bull?????

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Does this look like a Pit Bull?????
  • So I'm used to walking Bubblegum and people stopping me to comment about her. Bubby was pretty stunning...and becasue she was a show dog she pranced so proudly... in the three years that I walked her, close to once a week someone would stop me to ask me about her...say she was beautiful....or even funny things like "thats the biggest Dalmation I've ever seen!"   

    I wasn't ready for this one....walking baby Gibson today...he's now 10 weeks old today, jumping all over the place... trying to bite his leash...almost falling over because he is jumping so much....and a car stops at the stop sign. The girl yells out the window...."what kind of dog is that, its cute!"    HHHmmm figured something was up..... and sure enough...after I told her a Great Dane baby...she said "oh,,,I thought for sure it was a Pit Bull, looks just like one!"   UUUUmmmmm!

  • Pulllleeeeesee the pup is Gorgeous!!   If it helps at all years and years ago I was at a dog show with my young Liver nosed RR.  She was 6 mos, petite and sassy , our first liver nose. I saw some folks watching her and talking, one owman seemed to be the "Tour  Guide"  So I smiled and asked if they would like to pet my girl... they heasitated ... came over carefully and listening to the "Guide"  she explained she was a retired RN ... ( Hey Me Too !! ) and then went on to tell the little crowd the ridge on Jasmine's back was because WE were responsible owners, this was one of the pups born deformed, spinal bifida would be her best theory, and because we LOVED our Vizsla so much we had done surgey ...oh  we also did not dock her tail.......


    Yes My soda came out of my nose.... I have not laughed that hard in ages !!! What  odd folks think they actually know things about  dogs...

    Bonita of Bwana 





    Cutest puppy in the WORLD EVER!!!!!  That put SUCH a smile on my face I am still smiling now, I am not even scowling in a slightly bemused fashion at the stupidity of some people..... Big Smile 

  • Well I can't tell you how many people asked me if Zack was a miniature doberman on Saturday at the park.  ARgh!!  I got so tired of explaining to people that he is a toy manchester terrier (and I didn't even bother to explain that there is no such breed as a miniature doberman), that eventually I just started saying yes he is!

    I'm sure once Gibson starts approaching adult size, no one will be mistaking him for a pit any longer!

  • Oh but didnt you know any short haired unidentifiable short haired dog MUST be a pit bull? LOL. Peopel crack me up! I had the opposite happen actually. Rory is a pit bull as most of you know and one day this lady and her kids were petting Rory. The lady asked what kind fo dog she was, I said pit bull adn she errupted into laughter explaining to me that "no pit bull would ever be as nice as my dog, it must be a Lab mix and she was shocked to see a Lab of that color"!

    I said "no she's a pit bull"

    She said "Oh Lab Pit Bull mix"?


    I just smiled at this point, she had a crazy look and I knew I'd never convinve her unless I sent her Rory's paperwork, LOL

  • I think he's pure adorable-ness. Especially that little spotty nose. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a looker! (Like he isn't already...) 

  • Ha..... well at least now we know why we should not be listening to Pit Bull complaints...since people don't even know what they look like!!!   Wink

  •  Oh my, what an adorable pup!

    When Kiera was a puppy, nearing a year old and probably about 8 pounds or so someone stopped us on one of our walks to ask what kind she was and how old she was. I gave her age and told the woman that we knew Kiera was part Pomeranian, but we didn't know what her other half was. AFTER being told that our pup was nearly a year old and had a Pomeranian mother, the woman (quite seriously) said that the father was a black lab. She was sure of it. She KNOWS dogs.

    It was all I could do to keep a strait face until we walked away. 

    In case you've never seen a Pomeranian/Black Lab mix (although I can't see how you could possibly have made it this far in life without seeing such a common breed mix) this is what it looks like:

  • A lady in the park once stopped and yelled "Is that one of those mean pit bulls that will rip my face off when I walk by him?" Umm.  No. Not mean, not a pit bull and not likely to rip your face off.  Like Max really looks like a pit. Sad I guess people just see what  they want to see.


  • He's obviously a Pit/Dal mix.  Can't you tell? ~LOL~  Will ya kiss that nosie for me?

  • Someone has asked me if she is a pit bull:


    And then there's the little girl around the corner that told all her friends she's a wolf... 


  • Someone has asked me if she is a pit bull:

    A very very German Shepherd dog??????????????????????   Oh my!  I'd say WOLF!!!!    LOL!

    Hahah...yeah...a pitbull/dalmation.......THAT is what Gibby is! 

    Oh...what I didn't tell you guys is that when I took him to an assisted living place that my MIL lives in, the lady at the desk said "oh how cute... a Jack Russell, right??"

  • Jack Russel?!?! Please tell me your kidding.

    But then again, I shouldn't be surprised about what people think anymore.  I had Dusty (the beagle) in town awhile back and a kid, about 16-17, came by and asked if she was a greyhound.  Now granted he may have said miniature, I don't remember, but still!  I was totally stunned, I thought everyone knew what a beagle looked like.  And when I told him he just kinda grunted and walked off. 

  • The mama's baby, look at his little face!!  Just ignore these fools Dyan--she's saying that because he's got a light nose and a lot of white fur!

    Willow's been called a wolf, husky, bear, lion.  I've had people ooing and aahing over her and then ask what kind of dog she is.  THEN become afraid of her after I tell them chow. 

  • willowchow

    Willow's been called a wolf, husky, bear, lion. 

    Yep....Willows my teddy bear!