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How do you get rid of the poop smell?

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How do you get rid of the poop smell?
  • The other night in the middle of the night, both my DH and I were awoken to what sounded like a really loud fart...come to find out, Harley had had really bad diarrea (sp) on our bed!  What could be worst than waking up to that!  It was my fault b/c I put a little gravy from our roast on both the digs food and he just couldn't handle it.  I don't think he even knew it was coming b/c he would have gotten off our bed if he did!
    I took off the comforter and all the sheets before it could soak through to the matress.  I washed the comforter and now my comforter and my washing machine smell like poop to me.  I have washed it about 4 times and even ran an empty wash b/w with just detergent, to try to get rid of the smell.  Maybe I am being ultra sensitive, and it certainly doesn't smell like it did that night, but I swear I smell poop still. 
    Any suggestions on getting the smell out of the washer most importantly, and the comforter?  I am sure this is something I will also need to know when I have a baby but just don't know it yet b/c I have never had kids or this happen!
  • I would spray some of that enzyme cleaner that supposedly makes them unlikely to "revisit" the same spot.  I really like mine, its Petastic Stain and Odor Remover.  I think it has a light clean smell.  Okay I just went and got the bottle it says for odor saturate the area and leave it overnight... and for laundey to saturate the laundry to be washed and left for 10 minutes, then washed.  For your washing machine I would get a rag with Laquer Thinner and rub it in there.  This will kill anything, just dont smell it too close up.  I suggest this because my mom is a muralist and always has this sort of thing around, and Ive found it to work miracles.  An ink pen busted in the dryer and nothing would get it off but the laquer thinner did it.....  oil paint in the carpet, car, clothes... red wine, anything.  I know it will also get rid of that smell, just be careful with it and if you do do that hang the rag to dry dont leave the rag with the thinner on it in a ball. 
    I would also just light a candle for a few days. 
  • Get some Petastic.  You can use it in the wash, too.  Takes out the smell of urine, vomit, feces, etc.
  • I have used Vinegar and baking soda in washer with gain detergent when my dog had an accident and no poopy smell after that.  Might be a good Idea to hang comforter on the line outside after washing to air out too.
  • Don't light the candle near the laquer thinner! [;)]

    I had a cat that was "going" all over my house.  You think dog poop smell is bad to get out?  I've discovered some things work and some don't.  None of the enzyme cleaners work - I don't know what makes the smell but apparently it's not something the enzymes "eat".  Oxy type cleaners work very well, but you have to get it before it sets.  You could run a wash load with a couple of light-colored towels to get the odor out - you need the towels to "scrub" the basin. 

    Lysol is also pretty effective at killing odors - look for the hospital grade concentrates.
  • I have tried all kinds of pet spray that is gauranteed to get the smell out NEVER worked once. So I would run  the washer with bleach. Wash your comforter after the run with bleach. And hang it out to dry. Or if you want I would bring it in to be cleaned. Might be just your nose though. You know what was there and you are smelling for it, so you could be thinking you are smelling poop.  I have been using vinager as well and it WORKS.
  • Don't light the candle near the laquer thinner!

  • I've found that Febreeze gets a lot of strange smells out of things.