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ticks in my bed!

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ticks in my bed!
  • HOLY CRAP. I was just getting ready for bed, when i found 2 dead ticks in my bed (my bed's not gross...i wash the sheets every 1.5 weeks!) I live right next to some pretty thick woods and we have lots of spiders. The boys are on frontline so i assume the ticks bit them and died. However, i am not on frontline! I'm freakin' out! I'm all itchy and i feel sick to my stomach. Any good solutions to keep those critters out of my house??
  • UGH i found 2  more on the floor...i'm infested!
  • Sorry, no good solution from me.  If your guys are on Frontline, then they shouldn't be bringing in live ticks. (at least I hope not)
      If it makes you feel any better, now I'm all itchy too!
  • They ran out and they missed a month, but got back on it like, last week. kaiser had a tick on his neck before i bought more...hopefully it didn't have babies or something!
  • Ick ! I found a dead one on my bathroom sink about 3 mornings ago... Weve NEVER had ticks before !
  • I don't think Frontline repels ticks so they can bring them in alive. I think it just kills the ticks when they bite them.
  • Ummm, got one of MY head 2 days ago and one off my boy yesterday.   I have woken up at night to ticks crawling on me where they had left one of the dogs and made it's way over to me.  This has happened a number of times.
    What I have found is that ticks have a cycle so that the first of the spring is exceptionally bad and again in the middle of summer will be an extra bad number of them.  So, definately  twice, (maybe occasionally three times a year)  you will find alot more than normal b/c of how their cycle works.
  • I think it is going to be a bad year for ticks. I have gotten one on me or the dogs every time we go anywhere even remotely woodsy...that has not happened in years.
  • I think it is going to be a bad year for ticks - we didn't have much of a winter.  I live in the woods so I'm used to encountering live ticks  while asleep. 

    Here's what I would do (it may not be PC).

    Use a premise spray on your mattress and let it dry and outgass! This has nothing to do with your hygiene BTW. Your dogs are back on preventive right? Then check their toes when they come in from the grass.


  • Here are a couple of sites on natural tick repellents:

    [link[/link]  >http://www.holistichealthtools.com/fleas.html]www.holistichealthtools.com/fleas.html[/link]   [/size](fleas and ticks)
    [link>http://www.flutterbyearomatics.com/flutterpooch/flea_tick.htm]www.flutterbyearomatics.com/flutterpooch/flea_tick.htm[/link][/size]   (fleas and ticks)
    NOTE: "natural" = herbs and essential Oils
  • Natural schmatural! I'm all about organic except when it comes to three things: fleas, ticks and japanese beetles in my roses. Then it's better living through chemistry![:D]

  • OMG!  After reading this thread I am once again sooooooo glad I live somewhere with no ticks.
  • These little suckers are everywhere.  I don't even want to go outside!  I have found them on myself and my daughter.[:'(]  I don't know what to do.  I get all itchy when I see one and I freak out and start checking everything in my house!  Our winter sucked and now I guess this summer is going to be terrible for all bugs and heat.
  • Natural schmatural! I'm all about organic except when it comes to three things: fleas, ticks and japanese beetles in my roses.

    [sm=lol.gif]   I understand!  I don't like them either.  I would use Frontline Plus along with natural repellents.  That way I scare most the fleas and ticks away from the dog and kill the persistent ones.
    I'm allergic to roses (yeh, that is my middle name LOL) so I don't have to deal with the japanese beetles.
  • Well, if you use pesticides that also kill honeybees, you only have four years to live, according to Einstein.
    I'd take Janet's advice. [:D]