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My dog ate a piece of orange peel. Is it Ok ?

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My dog ate a piece of orange peel. Is it Ok ?
  • My dog just ate a piece of orange peel, or should I say I found the chewed up piece of the orange peel next to his bed. Is it OK? Will that hurt him in any way? Is it dangerous for dogs? I don't even know if he ate any of it, or just chewed it. I guess my husband must have dropped it on the floor without noticing, and he picked it up. Is there something I should do, like make him puke or something? Please advice. Thank you in advance.

  •  Naw, he'll be fine. my dog loves oranges.

  • Ohh thank you so much. I got so psyched waiting for the reply, that I already called my Vet and it's 10 pm. here.

    And I always watch not to drop anything on the floor and double check three times, so it was my husband ( is the bad guy - I yelled at him so loud the neighbors must have heard ). 

  • No problem! :)

    I wouldn't give them large amounts of it, since it is quite acidic.  But, if i'm having an orange i'll give logan a piece or two, but Nik doesn't like it. 

    Raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate are all very bad, though. Otherwise, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, etc are all fine to feed. 


  • Don't wory about a thing oranges are fine for dogs as a matter of fact years ago I was at a resterant that serverd orange peel candy. Yep it was orange peels sweetened the old thing about peels will hurt you is WRONG.. just don't give your dog any grapes as grapes can cause kidney failure chocolate is poisen to dogs and do not feed onions eithor. Other fruits and vegies are ok though. Hope this helps and that you babbie lives a long healthy life. I am glad to see that you care about your dog to ask. Happy Valentines day to you and your dog and family.

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