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Putting Two Dogs in a Crate...

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Putting Two Dogs in a Crate...
  •  This spring a coworker has asked us if we would like to go camping with them.  They have a mini dachshund that I'm not sure Sally would get along with, so if we go we will likely board her and bring Jack.  The girl has a large soft sided crate ( I believe it is golden retriever sized) and suggested that both Jack and her dog could share it if need be.  Jack ranges between 55 and 60 lbs and the mini dachshund is typical mini dachshund size.  Both are crate trained.  They have played together at the dog park before and have gotten along.  It has actually never occurred to me to crate two dogs in one crate at the same time, so I'd never even really thought about something like that before.  Is it a bad idea?

  • I'd never crate two adult dogs together. It's just too risky. Not even accounting for fights...one could step on the other and injure it. I have heard some NASTY fights at show with dogs crated together and lemme tell ya...it sounds terrible!

    One being a Dachs only increases the risk of back injury from being stepped on or crammed into a corner in one position too long, etc.

  • sillysally
    Is it a bad idea?



    I wouldn't even crate 2 of mine together. I did Cara and Mia as puppies, but they were litter mates and it was a huge crate. Dogs need their own space, just like we do (IMO) 

  • yeah, and if they happen to become a little less friendly with one another, you will only have one place to put them.  Each dog should have his own space for alone time

     but have fun camping!!

  • Agreed. I wouldn't crate my dog with someone elses dog. I've crated my shelties together for car rides before, but thats it.

  • I would not crate the two in one crate.  Kind of precarious to do that.  Used to crate my 2 littermates, but as adults they need their own space.

  •  I would never do what you are thinking.  However I do crate Tasha and Kota together at shows or practices if need be  for short periods of time.  But Tasha grew up with Kota and they are both tolerant of each other.  Plus I think it actually helps Kota to have her in there with him.  But they live together.

  • I wouldn't do it.  Kenya has gotten friendly with my friends Portie, Macy, and while they often like to trade crates (even though Kenya's is twice as big), we don't allow them to be with each other while we are not there.  That means we do not crate them together, tether them within reach of each other, or leave them loose together when we are not there.  When we are there, I don't care if they want to snuggle up in one crate, but I would never shut the door and walk away.

  • Nope, I wouldn't do it either. You just never know, and if the Dachshund gets in the wrong place, it could be bad news, from even an innocent movement. And dogs that get along together great in open areas, doesn't always transfer over to very small enclosed spaces such as dog carriers.

  • My dogs actually PREFER sharing crates. As you can see in my picture, the Beagles LOVE to cuddle and curl up with one another. Oliver, based off some poor training on my ex's behalf, hates to be alone in a crate, he is so much happier to have one of his buddies in with him. I only do it with my dogs that I know can ride together, for example, Oliver and Chips, who were raised together. Or Gossip and Gia, who are mother and daughter. I never do it with my client dogs and I never do it with two dogs that do not live together and are not used to it. Too much risk.
  • Or how about a couch (pack) full of Swissies, I couldn't resist after seeing a couch of Beagies.

  • omg, that is tooooo cute
  • Misha has shared a crate with Roto (standard Dachshund puppy), but I wouldn't recommend it. It was not my puppy, nor my choice for them to share a crate, but no one got hurt and it was only done when it was really cold or wet outside.

  • Lil Miss Kee doesn't like to be alone and Billy and Luna both tolerate her being with them BUT they all live together, sleep together, and the two younger dogs are very protective of Kee (on the other paw, she DOES drive them nuts upon occasion so we WATCH this very closely).

    No amount of money would induce me to crate two dogs who don't live together and who don't have a strong bond/dependance on each other.  My point is this -- it's only because we have an extenuating circumstance with Kee that we DO crate together.  She HAS a crate and they tend to prefer to be together.  It's UNUSUAL. 

    but boy -- the stress of travel and dogs that may normally *play* together -- nope, I wouldn't touch that one at all.  it's asking for trouble.

  • I don't think it would be a good idea.  Only because they are both full grown dogs (no matter size), but it's your friends dog's crate, and he may get or be obsessive over the fact that another dog is in his bed.  I would bring a crate or bed, or if you're going to have your own tent, etc. just let him sleep w/ you.  I think that could cause more problems.  Or, if your friends have a camper, just let your dog sleep on the floor and their dog in his crate.  Or vise versa.  Since their dog is small, he can be out of the crate and you can put your dog in the crate.  But both, I'm not sure that would be good.  You want to have fun, don't you?  This could cause conflict.  Good Luck, and have fun camping!