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Snipers ouchy and tattoo (warning..post spay picture!)

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Snipers ouchy and tattoo (warning..post spay picture!)
  • Sniper is a bit over 5 months, so she went through her spay surgery yesterday. I wanted to wait until 6 months of age, but my vet assured me she would be fine. I work at the clinic, so I got to watch her surgery and take care of her afterwards. The poor girl had to be opened up more so than most dog spays, as the doctor couldn't find both of her ovaries without lengthening the incision, so she has some staples in her belly and has to go back in to have them removed in about a week. Sad  The vet tech also asked if it was ok if she tattooed a bullseye and Sniper's name on her belly instead of the general OHE symbol, and I of course thought that would be cute! Permanent name tag! She was also microchipped as well. My poor girl was soo out of it last night, could barely walk, I hate seeing her go through that. She was a bit constipated this AM, which the doctor said could be normal, so I gave her some pumpkin to loosen things up. She's had two small poops since this morning which is good. You wouldn't even know she had been spayed as of tonight, as she is trying to run around like a looney, and I am trying to keep her calm for the most part so she doesn't pull out her staples on her own! My husband was also just out of the hospital with a badly broken arm, pins and plates put in. Talk about stress, having both your beloved dog and DH in the hospital in surgery!! So last night, the two loves of my life were bandaged up and aching. I had a lotta snuggling to do. Smile


    My poor girl the night of the surgery.

    Her tattoo on her lower belly at the base of incision. (the purple marker is where the tech was practicing her bullseye design!)


  • Oooo, ouchies! You better get snuggling!
  • Owies!!!  Poor Sniper.  She looks so sad in the first shot.  Give her some kisses from me.  I lovelovelove her tat.  That is way cool!!

  • Awww! She'll be up and around in no time I'm sure! Every time I see your avatar I just want to smooch that cute face. So give her a smooch and a scratch from me to her to get better! 

  •  Thats too cool, do alot of dogs get original tatoos like that?  Crusher wants one.  Stick out tongue

  • Poor Sniper! I bet tattooing a soft squishy belly is difficult.

    I hope you get all better soon, Sniper! Take it easy. 

  • huskymom

     Thats too cool, do alot of dogs get original tatoos like that?  Crusher wants one.  Stick out tongue


    Thor wants one too!!

    Please give little Sniper a bunch of kisses from us. I hope she gets a lot of rest! For her and for you Wink And best wishes of recovery for DH too!

  • janobonano
    I bet tattooing a soft squishy belly is difficult


    probably no more difficult than a Pectoral Protrubial.Stick out tongue 

  • Oh goodness Sniper that looks painful - I know you are a crazy silly girl but let it heal up nicely!

    Best wishes for your DH too and much patience and energy to you so you can snuggle and care for both your loves Smile 

  • Oh Sniper, you gotta be calm for a few days and heal up nice.  That original tattoo is awesome.  I didn't know that they do a tattoo after a spay...I don't think any of my girls have one....Give Sniper some skritches and snuggles for me, and I'm sending healing vibes for your DH.

  • did i see a .... happy face?? 

  • Ouch, that looks painful....I hope she feels better soon.

  •  LOL! Yup. She drew a happy face and a flower in marker as well! Poor Sniper, being used as a drawing board.

    She is doing wonderfully, by the way! 

  • Poor Sniper.  Hope you get to feeling better soon!  I have never seen staples used on a spay surgery.  My vet always uses stitches. 

  • My vet almost always uses dissolvable stitches in spays as well, but since Sniper was out of the norm during the spay, she had to be opened up wider, thus using the staples. Sad  You wouldn't know she had them, acts like she didn't have surgery done just several days ago!