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why does my puppy step in her food & water bowls?

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why does my puppy step in her food & water bowls?
  • our new (aussie) puppy has this, inconsistent, habit of stepping her food and/or water bowl while eating/drinking.  while eating she'll put a paw in and sweep a bunch of kibble onto the floor, then proceed to eat it off the floor.  she then goes back to the bowl for a while, occasionally making another sweep with her paw.  the water bowl is just stepping in it, no sweeping it out (thank goodness) but we still have wet dog paws.

    this is all only at meal time.  if she's having a drink between meals there's not stepping in the bowl.

    what is this?!  any tips on how to train it out of her?

    we plan to put her on a raw, wet food diet when she's old enough.  will she do this with wet food, too?

  • Nobody knows why but sometimes dogs do that - take a mouthful, spit it on the floor then eat it off the floor and so on. Both my dogs dig in their water bowls. It's very annoying. I solved the problem by feeding them in elevated food/water dishes. 

  • Maybe she's washing off her paw after sweeping the kibble with it? ;) Seriously, it does sound different that she's only doing this with the water when she's also eating her kibble. It could just be she's testing things out because she's a puppy. Maybe changing the types of bowls you use would make a difference, at least for the water bowl?

    If you plan to feed her a raw food diet, please make sure you do a lot of reading and research about it, as too many dogs don't get all the nutrients from a raw diet that they need. With food like those from Fromm, Wellness, Solid Gold, etc. I can feel confident that my puppy is getting all the nutrition he requires and with no additives, preservatives, by-products, etc.

  • cause she can?  At least she's not picking up the water bowl and running around the house spraying water everywhere. Dogs don't generally tend to be "tidy".

    You don't have to wait to switch her to a balanced raw diet. Puppyhood is when dogs really need good nutrition, which IMHO is not found in bags of kibble regardless of brand.

  • I don't know about the water issue, but our silly doxie always takes a mouthful and spits it on the floor----than she picks it up off the floor and eats it. I think she thinks I have nothing better to do than clean up after her.    Wink