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Does your dog grunt?

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Does your dog grunt?
  • My youngest GSD, just a tad over a year old is a serious grunter.....he grunts when laying down, when getting comfy, when turning over....or just stretching a leg.....holy smokes ....I have never been around a dog that grunts that much.....lol

  • You should get a sheltie- they make every noise imaginable- clacking sounds, grunts, barks, howls, whines, but my FAVORITE is always the honking noises.  :)

     Trey and I hold 'conversations' in the honking noises sometimes.  Silly dogs.

  • Clacking sounds....lol.....as I am typing I can hear the grunts from Tanner......ah yes....he just turned over.....lol

  • LOL!

    I  didn't know who started the thread, but I thought "It must be a GSD owner." And then I saw you were the last one to post and I laughed!

    I cannot believe how much Jaia and B'asia grunt and groan! B'asia sounds like an old man! LOL She's so dainty and pretty and then she lies down, takes a big breath and "GROOOAAANNNNNN"! They're both very vocal, not just barking but whining, groaning, grunting, and howling. Too funny!  

  •  Yep! Dakota grunts and groans when she gets up or lays down - probably because she's old and its such an effort.

    Neiko grunts when he lays down (he just did as I type this in fact). 

  • Dainty Mia is our grunter and groaner.  She huffs as she settles down, groans when she stretches and grunts if you move her or touch her while she's resting.  Quite comical.

    Pofi's noises are entirely different.  Pofi "roos" when he wants attention or wants something to happen and makes this wookie noise when he's trying to get some play going first thing in the morning. 

  •  Kenya doesn't really grunt, but she moans and huffs.  She moans when she's stretching or yawning, or even as she lets out a sigh before closing her eyes.  She never barks (I've never heard her give an actual bark), but if I get her excited enough or surprise her by coming through the back door, she'll let out a little "hffff!" at me.  Oh she also lets out HUGE belches after she eats.

  • Grey is our noise machine. He moans and groans all the time. I call it his dinosaur noises.Stick out tongue

  • Our dal always groans or hoooomfs when she lays down and the lab usually groans and clunks down like a rock.     Dog 

  •  Rex is very vocal, but not so much with grunts, just whiney noises, and groans.  My grunter is Baby.  She needs to lose more weight I think!

  • Basenjis are close to the master of WEIRD noises... If Mali is in her crate and she doesn't want to be there you can hear her from ANYWHERE indoors or outdoors.

     Dakota grunts in her sleep when she dreams... it's kinda disconcerting....

  •  Yes, Hektor is a grunter. He grunts when he lays down, when he gets up, when he exerts himself and when you pet him.

  • Guss grunts  all the time and snorts too.  The worst is when he grunts when he is licking his boy parts.

  • Oh, gosh, yes.  Caleb grunts like a pig.  The more excited he is, the more he grunts.  It's hysterical when I get home from work- I sit on the floor to cuddle. Instead, Caleb sits in front of me with a toy in his mouth (of course), sticks his nose against mine and grunts.  He also groans, whine and moans at other times.  The funniest is when he's playing with his tiger or Elmo- he pokes them with his nose and whines.

  • We always joke that Charlie is part cow.  When he snuggles down or stretches he lets out this moan that sounds exactly like a cow mooing.  Big Smile