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Dogs and webbed feet

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Dogs and webbed feet
  • Roxie has webbed feet.  Sometimes I'll spread her toes apart and examine the extra skin.  I'm not 100% sure what she is; the vet said rottie/GSD or rottie/lab.  Are certain breeds known for having webbed feet, or do most dogs have this?  I never paid attention to my previous dogs' feet ...  
  • Labs usually have webbed feet & I think I've heard somewhere that Newfoundlands do as well. I would assume that most dog breeds used to retrieve or tow stuff in the water would probably have webbed toes.  As much as labs seem to "get around," she sure could be part lab!
  • Just from the pictures I've seen of her and my personal opinion, I'd say she looks like a Lab/Rottie mix. Labs have webbed feet, and I'm sure some other breeds do, to help with swimming, but neither GSD's or Rottie's have webbed feet (at least that I'm aware of!). <<Oops, sorry I guess I was wrong!
  • I thought I'd read about labs having webbed feet ...

    Interestingly enough, I was stopped in the park last weekend by a guy.  He asked me what she was, and I replied with the usual: "Um, I think she's a rottie/GSD or rottie/lab."  Well, he said she looked like a lab with rottie coloring. 

    It's not visible in the picture, but she has a white patch on her belly.  Actually, it isn't even visible unless she's rolled over, so no one ever sees it.
  • Rotti's have webbed feet also. [:D]
  • When we were at the beach this year, someone pointed out that Rupert has webbed feet. And sure enough he does. I knew labs did and thats one of the possibilities he's mixed with too.
    **had a typo!**
  • Lot's of breeds have webbed feet actually. Many hounds do too, for splooshing around swamps and stuff while going after their quarry.
  • All our pets are rescues, so I can only go by what professionals have told us as to their breed.  But, I have no doubt that Draico is a pure GSD, Peanut was listed as a shepherd mix at the HS, and our vet calls her a rottweiler mix.  I think she does have GSD in her because her coat and that "scruff" around her neck resembles Draico's.  Plus a friend's coworker has dogs of that mix and she always tells me "Peanut is a spitting image of ----."   Anyway, both dogs have webbed feet.
    What do you think?  Do you see a GSD in Peanut or anything but GSD in Draico?