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Pointer/Lab Mix? Breed question

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Pointer/Lab Mix? Breed question
  • We adopted our dog from a retriever rescue organization.  I cannot tell you the number of people who stop me to ask me about my "liver colored german short haired pointer".  So, is she a pointer, a choc. lab, or a mix??  Any pointer people out there who can weigh in?  I have seen her "point" at the ball.  And, I would say that she's not completely a goofy light-hearted lab personality-- but she is also a rescue.  Love to hear ideas on my girl!

  • I see more GSPointer than Lab...definitely. The chisled face and ears and earset She's a bit thick thru the body to be all Pointer...many hunting folks keep both breeds...I wouldn't doubt an "oops" breeding once in a while.
  • Her head looks full GSP, but I agree that she's a bit too heavy in the body to be full [:)].
  • If I had to guess, I'd say 1/2 Lab and 1/2 Wiemereiner.
    Of course, she's 100% gorgeous!

  • Yes I do think she looks like a GSP! Solid liver is an accepted color so she could be purebred, although I'm not familiar enough with the breed to say for sure just looking at her. The docked tail also suggests to me that whoever bred her probably knew she came from a GSP at least on one side and likely both.
  • The docked tail is actually a tail amputation that the rescue decided to do right before we got her.  She had a bad case of happy tail that wouldn't heal and was continually bleeding everywhere (her foster mom loved to tell tales of blood on the ceiling, the computer screen, etc.  when it wasn't bandaged).  Keep the input coming! 
  • She really looks like a pure pointer to me, just with a liver color. Sometimes rescues are wrong. The rescue we got our cat from said she hated kids and dispized dogs and could never be trusted outside. Well, she loves me, I am her owner, and I am a kid, she snuggles and rubs agains the dogs, and always goes outside. So, as you can see, shelters and rescues can be wrong[;)]
  • Absolutely...that IS a Pointer dock...not Rott mix or Dobe mix or natural bobtail. AH! Just read your post on the tail...likely not a strong sturdy LAB tail then..was it? [;)]
    Note the similarity...

  • Oh well, so much for my docked tail theory! [:D]
    I just found this photo of a champion GSP with the solid liver coloring. You can see he's a little leaner than your girl but keeping in mind this is a champion....

    Can Ch Robinhood The Story Of My Life aka "Truman"
  • I think she's a lab/pointer mix.  Probably GSP.  She looks an awful lot like a GSP from the front and her head shape suggests that to me, but the side view looks more like a lab imo.  She's a bit heavy in the body for a GSP. 
  • How old is she do you know?
  • Wow that dog looks an awful lot like my boy Winston!  We were told that he was a Vizsla / Am. Staff mix from the shelter, but I think they were wrong.  Someone told me once that he is a purebred Vizsla who was dropped off at the shelter by a breeder because of his color (brown is a major fault for the breed).  I think his coat is too thick though . . . . my best guess is that he is a Vizsla x Choc. Lab mix.

    Winston's only 5 mo. old in this picture BTW . . . .

  • Wow, this is all so interesting!  The bummer about the side shot is that you can't see the cut in of her body very well.  I agree that she is a bit thicker, but her chest cuts up to her hips in a way that is definitely not lab (it actually looks very similar to the "champion" shot only her neck isn't so slender).  She is 2 1/2 (I found this out by doing extra detective work with the microchip company... how is it that someone cared enough to microchip and then gave her away?  I think they didn't want to deal with the tail, but who knows.)  Anyway, those links to kmkshorthairs look so much like her it's crazy (my 4 year old just asked if I was looking at pictures of jojo)!  Again, I think she's a little stockier though.  The vet said they other day it wouldn't hurt for her to gain a pound or so.  I think she's on the large side for the range of female GSP.  The range is 45-65 and right now she's 68.  Who knows?  Sure is fun to think about!!!  (That's one cute choc vizla too!!!!)
  • Looks all pointer, to me! Gorgeous, too.
  • She definately looks like a GSP to me: the ears, nose and eyes.  She is a bit bigger than mine, Abbi is only 45 pounds and I had tried to get her to gain weight for months, but I think she is just always going to be a the small side. 
    By the way my dog is very goofy.  My favorite thing is when she decides she needs to point at a squirrel while going potty.  She always looks like she is going to fall, but never does.
    Your dog is gorgeous, I don't think she needs to gain any weight.