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White worms in poop

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White worms in poop
  • A stray golden retriever has made his way into our lives as we try to find his owners.  Last night when he went poop, the poop was regular and had no visible worms or problems.  This afternoon, he pooped, strained and also had diahrrea.  There were visible moving white worms.  There is also evidence that some of them are on the towel in the crate he slept in last night and today.
    Can my dog get these worms?  I picked up the yard, but the diahrrea is still in the grass a little.  What do I need to do?    I am in contact with the golden retriever rescue already.  I have to send them a picture to verify he's golden and try to find his family, but then they will get involved.
  • I talked to someone who knows more about this stuff than I do.. and he said that it's quite probable that they're tapeworms.
    He thinks its possible that your dog could get them from sniffing around the poop, but he's not 100% sure.

    Not sure if I helped any.. but good luck with the situation.
  • Do they look like pieces of rice, but moving?  If so, that's most likely tapeworms. I think there are things you can buy OTC at the petstore for it. 
  • Not like rice, longer.  I think they are roundworms.  Do the otc ones work?
  • some heartworm treatment is effective on other worms as well, so you may have some protection.  Limit the area the golden is allowed.  I would consider insecticide after cleaning up the area.  A basic lawn product should help.
  • no the over the counter stuff is not very effective.   discussion with your vet might get you a short term intervention at a discount.
  • Sounds like roundworms to me.
    Actually, some of the feedstores will carry panacur and other wormers that actually DO work.  Just talk to the folks there and see what they have.
  • Safeguard works on all worms, including tapes.  It's available at many pet stores now in a dog dosage. 

    ETA:  You might want to go ahead and get your own dog a packet since none of the monthly treatments treat tapes.  You may not be seeing tapes but if the stray has been hunting rodents to survive, he's more than likely carrying them, too.

    Good luck!
  • Blerk. Dose all the dogs up. They sound like roundworms.

    Do you guys get hydatid tapeworms? They're quite dangerous if they get into people. Make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly right after handling the dogs. Most roundworms only have one host species and won't do much in a person, but it is possible that people can pick them up and I've heard of canine roundworms causing trouble in people when they get lost trying to find their way around the wrong host species. [:'(]
  • The vet's office said that unless I planned on eating the dog poop I would be fine.  I have washed my hands about a million times though.  Also, he's staying outside and in the garage until he sees the vet tomorrow.  Yes, Blerk!  I will ask about a dose for my dog when I visit the vet.
  • They are tape worms.  The dog got them by ingesting a flea.  You will need to take the dog into the vet to get a pill or shot to kill the worms.  I have never heard of the tape worms being passed onto another dog unless the other dog eats the fecal matter.  I don't know for sure if your other dog can get tape worms from the dog who has them. 
  • if they're shorter, like rice, they're tapeworms. If they're long and thin like spaghetti, it's roundworms.
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Cerissa's feeling very queasy now, and is feeling guilty and paranoid for not having picked up a few poops outside ...  Good luck with everything, keep us posted!
  • After further inspection and a vet visit, we're pretty sure it's just tapeworms.  I thought it might be both tape and round...no others were found in the fecal test today.  We did a dewormer and he's going on Saturday to a vet through the rescue to have all vaccines and a heartworm test.  Wish us luck.  He is such a sweetheart.  I am hoping he can come in and hang out with us after Saturday's vet visit.  I'll post a link to his rescue website when he gets on. 
  • Most intestinal parasites are passed when animals smell, and (yes this is gross) taste fecal materials from infected animals.  It can also be passed by sniffing behinds of active infestation cases-regardless of the type of intestinal parasite, it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact your vet for a proper worming.  The vet is best able to determine the proper med and correct dosage based upon dog's age and size.  It might be helpful to the vet if you could pick up some of the suspect poop in a ziplock bag-he can identify for certain which type of parasite it is.  Often times when a dog is let to roam, he can have multiple types of parasites present and active at one time.  It is very debilitating to a growing puppy to have to compete for nutrition with parasites, so I would advise consulting the vet fairly soon.  And also rinsing down the area in your yard with a combination of dish soap and amonia in a hose end sprayer-the parasites can't live very long or well outside the body, but it will insure that eggs are not viable