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Dog licking legs....why?

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Dog licking legs....why?
  • Does anyone know why dogs lick your legs?  My dogs always lick my legs and I guess Ive always just felt it was an affection thing.  I will be cooking or washing dishes and they will just come up and calmly lick my legs and sometimes my feet.  Is it due to salt on our skin or what?? lol  I think its cute but they ALWAYS do it and I just wondered if anyone knew why?
  • I don't really know.  Could be salty from sweat or because they taste lotion or soap you used.  Not what we'd want to lick, but they do take interest in odd things.[:)]
    My Shari (husky mix) never did - she wasn't much of a licker.  But, many years ago my now ex and I had a beagle/lab mix that loved to lick the water off my ex's legs every morning when he got out of the shower.  The dog was never interested in mine, thank goodness.  It was strange.
  • Charlie loves to lick my arms when I am done working out.  I just figured it was because of the sweat/salty taste.  He's a goof ball though [:D]
  • Ace is a little bit of a licker, but most of the time just a lick or two to say hi.  But I have one hand/body lotion that apparently is delicious  -- if I put it on he'll lick and lick and lick until I ask him to stop.  Silly dog! 
  • Well, in my case - it's the coconut scented lotion.  As for feet, Slick just likes 'em! [:'(] 
    Does it seem like a "normal" amount of licking?  It can be an obsessive thing unfortunately for some dogs.. 
  • Sofia licks Scott's pants, which I discourage because he's generally covered in petroleum products of one kind or another.

    Sofia just GOES for my face and gives me numerous lovey kissies when I get back in the car after she's been waiting a while. Those are Leader Adoration kissies, imho.

    She kisses Scott everywhere she can reach when he comes over, because he's the Big Dog. She would kiss him on the face if he'd let her (sometimes he does) but she redirects herself to whatever she can reach if he doesn't.
  • Well its good to know there are lots of other lickers out there. lol  Yea Its a normal amount that Dixie does I would say.  Daisy doesnt lick as much as Dixie but Dixie is still just a pup too.
  • I've got two major lickers and kissers in my house. They both love to lick the water off my legs when I get out of the shower and when I take a tub bath they are right there licking my wet arm or lapping bath water off the edge of the tub. Dugan often licks my husband's pillow in the morning leaving a big wet spot. I don't know why he does this, maybe he's attracted to dried drool!