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Do dogs have night terrors?

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Do dogs have night terrors?
  • Last night, I woke up to Emma screaming her little head off and flailing around, wildly. She was fast asleep. I put my hands on her, and started talking to her, to wake her up. She woke up, looked at me like I was stupid, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

    I think it's happened before. The girls have fought, at night, a couple of times. They were loud, screaming, harmless fights. I'm guessing Emma screamed and Teenie jumped on her, and they fought.

    Is there any way to help her not have nightmares? I wish she could tell me what she's dreaming.
  • Willow used to wake up screaming, snarling and running from her bed like her butt was on fire.  It's diminished over time.  I think when she first came here she'd dream of where she used to be and wake up not knowing where she was, or something similar to that.
    Now, I notice if she's itchy or has an itch and it wakes her up, she'll sometimes wake up that way but a little less intense. 
  • Oh how scary.  Sound like she must have been having a terribal nightmear. Dog will often act out their dreams in their sleep and in this case you caught her at a bad time. I'm so sorry, I wish there was a way to stop it but I have no idea.  I hope she is alright after this.
  • OH POOR SWEETIE!  Yes, they do have night frights, similar to children.  Just doing what you did was enough for her.  Ever so gently touching and softly speaking will ease her.  Sadly, I'm not sure there is anyway that we (because of this darned language barrier) can say anything specific or do anything to keep this from happening because they really do "act out" their fears in their dreams, which actually is very healthy so just be as you have been, very gentle.