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Does anyone uses Avon Skin So Soft

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Does anyone uses Avon Skin So Soft
  • Does anyone uses Avon Skin So Soft on their dog.  A lady who lives a couple of blocks from me recommended it, but did not tell me if this is a lotion or oil or bug spray (I am allergic to make up so I have never used Avon) or how to use.  I got one of those little books, but everything says Skin So Soft, so I don't know what to buy.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
  • I used to sell Avon.  Skin so soft is a lotion, I would not use it on my dog. You can also buy sprays, but i would also not use those. Why would you?
  • I was just wondering about it.  Not sure if I would actually buy it or not.  Right now, I am using fish oil and some kind of oil spray by Derma Care to keep his skin conditioned.
    Thanks for the reply.
  • ORIGINAL: angeltrudelle

    I used to sell Avon.  Skin so soft is a lotion...

    It also comes as a bath oil,  a solid (like deoderant), and I think wipes.  Supposedly, it keep bugs away, but you can't prove it by me.  I tried it years ago, and I swear there were more gnats bothering me than normal, plus it gave me a headache.   I tried the bath oil on Mick once to keep fleas away, but it made his coat greasy.  Can we say DUH!  LOL  I did use the solid on the underside of his ears one summer (the obedience school we were going to wanted the dogs flea sprayed, but the sprays made Mick itch.  This was years before Frontline). 
  • I'm a red head and I have sensitive skin. I can usually tolerate most products though. But when I have a reaction to something, MAN! I have a reaction. Skin so Soft gives me hives. I, personally, wouldn't want to risk putting it on my dog that has/might have sensitive skin. But that's really just my opinion. I would never tell anyone what to do.
    What's going on with pup's skin?
  • I can't stand the smell of it - way toooo strong for me.
  • Thanks for the replies, really helped me make up my mind about not using it.
    There really isn't anything going on with his skin, is just that my neighbor had mentioned it keeps sand fleas, flies, and other bugs away and that it conditons their skin as well.  Romeo is out a lot and always getting in the tall grass and low bushes, lol, and thought I would use for extra protection, but I guess not.  Because fleas and Houston go hand in hand during summer,  I am using Advantage although I may switch to K9-Advantix, the ticks are really bad this year.  I also use a wonderful repellent by Quantum Herbal Prodcuts, the bottle is 26.00 for 12oz.  I guess, I will just stick to what has worked so far, instead of trying to save a couple of bucks. [;)]
  • Now I've used it and it works well -- and it's the original SSS Bath Oil that you use.  You don't use boodles of it -- you use about a tablespoon in about 8 oz alcohol and 8 oz water -- put in a spray bottle and shake well, and spray the dog before it goes out.  There's something about the scent of it that bugs hate.  It makes a great insect repellant for humans too.  It's a tad greasy -- but it really does help and a lot of folks have it in their cupboard.
    Why use it?  If you can't afford Frontline or if you want something *extra* to spray on the legs/belly before they go out if you are in an area where there are tons of fleas/ticks just to give some extra protection and repel the little beasties it works pretty well and it pretty safe.  It's not a pesticide -- it'sl literally just scented oil.  Not a big deal.  I've seen summers here in Florida when the fleas/ticks were SO bad I had to use anything I could get my hands on and finding something NOT a pesticide was great!
  • Thanks for the reply calliecitrus.  I have Romeo on Advantage, but it seems like he is needing the "something extra."  The sand fleas are horrible, I have to use almost a whole can of "Off" on my feet when we go out, to not get bitten.
    How are you and Billy doing? all is well I hope.
  • I have thought since I am about 17yrs old that there was something wrong w/ my blood because mosquitoes never bit me. Well that's because I love skin so soft bath oil and have used it after a shower since then, while I am still wet I put it on then dry myself it was not know until maybe about 8yrs ago that it's a great bug repellent, the military uses it too.
  • My husband, a Marine uses it, as do the rest of his unit.  I first laughed at the thought of a bunch of Marines using Avon.
  • Yes, I used it for a bug repellant also.