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Emergency - How much Kaopectate? - or pumpkin

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Emergency - How much Kaopectate? - or pumpkin
  • I woke up this morining at 5:30 to my dog panting heavily, which only meant one thing - She had the runs and was trying to hold it and was stressed... So I darted up out of bed and ran her outside and yup... she had the runs...

    Anyway I have a bottle of Kaopectate, but I never was sure about how much to give her.  Can somebody help me on this?  She's 50 lbs.  Thanks!
  • I'd not use that....I'd get some canned plain pumpkin into her instead.
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons per 10lbs of body weight every four hours on the Kaopectate.
  • All I have is pumpkin pie mix I think... It's 6 in the morning and it's snowing outside.  >-.-<  I'll dig through my pantires anyway...
    I was trying to stop it before I have to go to work...
  • Whaddaya know I found a can of organic pumpkin in the very back of my cabinet lmfao...

    How much do I give?
  • How big is the dog?  I give shepherds 2-3 tablespoons.
  • She's 50 lbs.  And sitting here waiting for some pumpkin haha... I think she likes it.  >^^;<
  • I'd start with TWO heaping tablespoons.  If you can come home at lunch, give her more then.
  • I can't... I only get a half-hour lunch and I'm too far away.  >-.-<
    I'm moving in a couple weeks though, where I'll be a 5-minute drive from work.  For this reason and others...
  • It seems like the situation is under control but thought I'd post this anyway.

    Willow is also about 50 lbs and has IBS so we've been thru lots of diarrhea bouts.  And, I know the stress, panting, etc all too well, your poor kid! 

    The vet has OK'd giving one Imodium tablet (a child's dose but of the adult pills) when this happens.  You can re-dose if it doesn't help every 6 or 8 hours, I forget exactly, but it's on the package. 

    Hope everything is alright, I'll look for an update later. 
  • Wow I was reading about kaopectate and had no idea that their ingredients have changed to something potentially harmful.  Ick... >X.x;<
    I'll have to check out the immodium.  Hopefully the pumpkin works though.  It's certainly cheaper... and I can make cookies with what's left over lmao...
    I won't be able to get home tonight till around 6:00 so I hope she'll be okay till then... perhaps I can have my boyfriend give her some more pumpkin when he gets home if he's not also staying late.  >X.x;<
    Well, thank god for carpet steamers, in case there's a disaster lmao...
  • How long does it generally take for the pimpkin to take effect?  It is supposed to stop the runs right?  So far it just seems to be running out the other end... >O_o<
  • I just want to say that pumpkin is good, and they like it, and its a veggie so it can't be bad,,,,BUT, several times I have given pumpkin to Ollie and it didn't do anything to help. Now in the case of loose stools or even not going,,,,it seems to help, more or less to regulate them, but I'm thinking if they are sick...real medicine might be better than pumpkin.
  • I'd call the vet then.  you did fast her today, didn't y ou?
  • Haha... no.  I fed her a little bit.  >X.x;<