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Why is my dog overly drooling over a puppy?

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Why is my dog overly drooling over a puppy?
  • So, we just got a puppy, and 3 out the four could care less about the new addition to the family, but PRINCESS, is sooooo clingy to the puppy, and also, she is not spayed or anything, so she is getting overly-mommy instincts I think, but she is drooling.. a LOT! And she is not a dog that drools, barely EVER! And she is drooling all over the place, and its kinda weird... she's almost foamy at the mouth.. (it's just spit, but, still weird...) it's not like she wants to eat her, but do you know what could be causing her to be overly drooling over our new puppy?
  • perhaps stress. drool can be a sign of stress. she may not be unhappy about the pup, as she seems quite concerned about it, but concern=stress=drooling.

  • Hmm could be... she has not done it NEARLY as much as yesterday, perhaps it was a lot of overwhelming feelings. :)