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look here at wobbie the pug

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look here at wobbie the pug
  • Wobbie the pug
    Wobbie is a puppy mill rescue, we were told she is only 10 weeks old, however, due to her hydro-encephalis, she has the tiny body of a 5 week old puppy and her head almost the size of a tennis ball. She desperately needs shunt surgery to save her life, the surgery will cost approximately $5000, ideally we'd like to raise that much but are asking for any donations you can afford.

    Plese help us save this beautful little girl! you can see her on Facebook at : Guardian Angels Pug Rescue
    please donate as there is only one day left and we are almost half the way to the goal, thanks for all the support.
    donations can be made at:   *removed by Moderator*
  • Oops -- they have an iron-clad rule on here about not soliciting in posts.  But good luck!!