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Hollow bones

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Hollow bones
  • We get a lot of those hollow bones that are about 6-8". Some have fillings already and sometimes we buy them empty and fill them ourselves. When the dogs are done licking everything out of the middle, they love to just chew on them. Tiny pieces have chipped off after months of chewing some of them, but these bones seem to hold up really well. My question is this: Are these bones hard enough that I should worry about the dogs chewing them and damaging their teeth? They used to chew nylabones, but now they just want to chew these. I'm worried that they're going to chip their teeth eventually.
    On a similar subject, will chewing ice damage their teeth? They love eating ice cubes.
  • Nothing huh? [;)] I'm about to take them to the kennel and I was just wondering if I should bring along a couple of hollow bones. I don't want them chewing them, though, if it will hurt their teeth.
  • I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.  These do not sound like raw marrow bones and anything that's been "sanitized, sterilized, smoked" or otherwise heat treated just isn't safe.  It can hurt a heck of a lot more than teeth.
  • I believe you are referring to sterile bones and I too am curious if these are safe or considered "cooked" or dangerous because they have been sterilized.
    Hopefully someone will come along with an answer soon!
  • I don't know the answer first hand, but I have read several posts which state that if the bone has been touched at all by heat, even washing it off under warm water, the molecular structure changes, and it is not good for the dog.  Only raw bones should be fed.  Those bones, the chipping you are seeing, is not a good thing.  I personally would not give them anything other than a raw marrow bone to keep them busy - then if you'd like once the bone is empty (either by you or your pup) fill it back up with something else.
    Just my two cents.
  • Sorry, I should've posted what I was talking about before. I've gotten them from dog.com: [linkhttp://www.dog.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=101285+003&Cat]http://www.dog.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=101285+003&Cat[/link]=. They have been smoked, so it sounds like that's probably not safe for the dogs. They haven't splintered at all, but I'm not going to take my chances by leaving them in the kennel with them. I still wonder if something that hard would crack their teeth though.
  • The "natural" ones are considered sterilized, not smoked (hickory ones are smoked).  My bf bought Zoe one and she liked it and nothing at all broke off the bone... she got lots of PB on the inside of the one he got though.  I wouldn't buy them, since I feel regular marrow bones are cheaper and better, but I am curious on if they are safe for future.
  • For that price....geeez, I'd just buy Marrow bones, get it cut down the middle so the dog can eat all the marrow out of it. Mine loves them and he chews on it until its just a small white little husk. It takes him a couple of days, but he works through it.
    But that isn't what you asked.....no I don't think it would damage the teeth, give them a good workout though. Ice will not hurt them, mine loves his ice blocks too.
  • Store bought bones are not really good for dogs.  They are cooked and can chip teeth.  Bully sticks are better.

    Dogs love ice cubes - they are fine for dogs.
  • I'm not sure about the bones you are talking about, I just buy marrow bones or lamb and pork off cuts from the butcher.
    Ice cubes dogs love them great in summer I think to help cool them down. I make ice block treats for mine baby in summer. I fill a container with water and put two small treats in it and freeze, I usually give them to him when I go to work to keep him occupied for a while.He loves them
  • Where do you buy raw marrow bones?  any butcher?  or do pet stores carry them as well?  I knew cooked bones were bad, but I never thought of the sterilized ones as being bad until I read some of the posts here in the past few days........
  • Raw marrow bones can be found in the meat dept. at your grocery store, or at a butcher.  The ones sold at pet stores are most likely smoked... which is bad.
  • I've bought these too and they hold up well. The ones that I have gotten are not smoked, but they are labeled as "sterilized leg bones" and we sometimes get the filled, sometimes not.  Our dog absolutely loves them.  I've bought the raw bones before, but they don't last as long (he loses interest once the marrow is gone) and they have a nasty smell to them.  He likes to be where we are, which is usually where the carpet is located.  We put a towel down, but I still worry about the smell getting into the carpet.