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How often do dogs need to go out?

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How often do dogs need to go out?
  • We have a male chihuahua something mix that is 12 pounds and about 4 years old that  we adopted from a rescue shelter.  He is housetrained, but we are wondering how often we need to walk him.  He does not give us any indication when he needs to go out, but we obviously have been taking him out enough (5x/day) that it is not a problem.  How long should he be able to go between walks?
  • I walked Zoe a lot when I got her so I knew she wouldn't have an accident in the house.  Then I realized she did give a hint when she had to go... she walked to the door.  After a while, your dog may associate the door with going out and let you know.  You may not realize she knows because you take her out enough.  Regardless, I always let Zoe out right when we get home, even if we were only gone 20 minutes.
  • Misty goes out when I get up in the morning, and then again about an hour later, before I go out for the morning.  When I get home at noon I take her out, although often she doesn't do anything at that time.  Then she's out again at dinner time and before bedtime.  So, that's like 5 times.  Alot of days, she's out more often, because I'll be out working in the yard or I take her walking.  I believe she could get by on 4 times a day.  
  • My husband takes Sammy out when he wakes up for work.  Then, when I finally get up, I let him out into the yard (he goes on the same side of the house, which is great) for a while.  After the kids and I get dressed, we take him for a nice walk.  He goes out a couple more times after lunch into the backyard to run around and play with his toys and go potty.  But, he doesn't get walked again until after dinner and that's our loooong nightly walk.
    He gives me clues--he cruises the patio doors, but just to be on the safe side.... [;)]
  • Romeo gets a 1-2 hr walk in the morning, before I go to work or school, he sets the pace as far as how long is the walk, but is never less than an hour (5:30 am, always this time no matter what day of the week [:'(]).
    The rest of the day he is with my parents and he gets to go everywhere they go, they also take him to the park and gets officially walked again along with 4 neighborhood dogs at 2:00 pm that's another 1 hr walk.  I get home around 6:00 pm ( my mom feeds him at 5:00 pm) so around 7:00 pm winter time means another very, very long walk; summertime shorter walk and dog park. around 10:30 pm he gets a brisk 15 min walk so he can empty his bladder before bedtime.  [:D]
    I just noticed, I don't have a life.