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Frontline no longer working?

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Frontline no longer working?
  •  I'm getting the impression Frontline may not be working so well for Luke anymore. Twice this year, he has gotten worms. The vet thought  tapes, and I have no idea how they could be uncertain if I put the worms in the bag when I gave them the poop. I've never seen fleas on him, and he was never itchy, but I have to wonder if maybe he picked up just a few fleas and got worms. I also pulled three ticks off him last night. I've never pulled a tick off him before. We did walk in a park on Monday night, but he pretty much stayed on the path, and didn't go into the grass or wooded areas really. In the neighborhood, we have cut grass, and the common areas are pesticide treated. I'm not entirely sure what else I can use on him. We have a cat, so I think Advantix is out?

  • Frontline and Advantage both are both completely ineffective for T-Bone. I got him on Trifexis and don't see a darn flea on him, though it is not effective against ticks oddly enough. Royce is stll on Advantage which seems to do pretty well, and weirdly enough since giving T the trifexis tablet the fleas on Royce are gone. Might be coincidence, but I believe it's because it does such a god job of killing the eggs too.

  •  Frontline quit working a long time ago for my dog.  I switched to Vectra 3D.  It works great.  No tics or fleas.  It's for dogs only.  I also had a cat.  He didn't rub against the dog so I didn't have to worry about it getting on him.