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dog sweaters

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dog sweaters
  • Does anyone know where I can find a sweater for a large 90lb lab? They don't seem to make any clothes that large.



  • You can always get a kid's sweatshirt.  Take a tape measure and measure the girth of the dog -- then go to Wal-Mart and measure.

    Put the shirt on backwards (tag under the chin) and chop off the sleeves where you need to.

     With a male you have to bundle up the excess fabric at the side and put a rubberband around it (like a "ponytail" secured with the rubberband) otherwise they will pee in it when they potty.  So you want it *tight* around the lower mid-section.  But to gauge the size, measure him around the biggest part of the chest.

    But use a BOY's sweatshirt -- girl's sweats/tee's are too big around in the neck to fit well.  I've put shirts/sweats on my dogs LOTS of times.

  • Have you tried looking at our sponsor's site? Dog.com has sweaters & jackets.

  • Etsy.com   I've found is a great place to find dog clothes and most do custom sizing.