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HELP! swelling after vaccine

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HELP! swelling after vaccine
  • Zoe got her vaccine shot at the vet today and she was just licking the area of it and I think it is a bit swollen.  I was touching it and she didn't seem to be in much pain and her behavior is normal otherwise.  Should I be concerned?
  • Well, I'm sure it's not serious but you might want to call the vet and let them know, sometimes they have you put compresses on it for the swelling and/or pain. 
  • Well, at first it was just by the butt, which was not a big concern.  Then, Zoe was scratching her face a lot and going into her little dog house and laying down which she never does for more than like 5 seconds.  She kept jumping up on me but wouldn't stay long and then run around again.  After a bit, I noticed her snout was very swollen.  I showed my bf and he agreed and noticed some hives and that her ears were red inside.  I called the ER vet and we went right over.  They gave her a steroid and benadryl and her fever was 105.5.  After a little while the fever went down and the swelling has started to go down too.  The hives are gone too.  I have to give her benadryl for 2 days and prednisone for 2 days and next time I have to vaccinate her (in 3 yrs.), they said to give her benedryl shot in advance.
    I must say, the ER ppl. were very friendly and very helpful.  They liked Zoe a lot too :).  My bill there was $166... much better than I expected considering her regular vet bill today was $155!
  • Awww poor Zoe!!  Give her kisses for me please!?   Glad shes okay!
  • Out of curiosity, was it a rabies vaccine? And if so, was it a Fort Dodge? Just wondering as I have read so many reports of reactions to FD this year.  My mom's dog also had a reaction to her FD rabies vaccines this year (as well as last year but not like this year).  Jezz had a reaction last year to hers, but this year we did a different manufacturer and we had no problem.
    So glad to hear Zoe is going to be okay!
  • Was it because Zoe was allergic? What exactly was the cause for this?
  • It was her distemper vaccine.  They said normally allergic reactions to vaccines happen within 30 minutes but this was about 10 hours later.  They said when I need to get her next one in 3 yrs. to do a benedryl shot beforehand.  This is the first time I got this shot from the vet since I had her.  The random thing was that I asked him what should I look for if she had a reaction and he said 99% of the time there is nothing, so anything would be something to think about doing something.  I also asked about the ER Vet they suggest, but more in regard to if Zoe had an emergency back issue since she is a dachsie.  I knew who they recommended but wanted a bit more info and he said they were excellent, best in the area, etc.  And, he was right... I was very impressed with them, especially after some horror stories I have heard about people and ER vets.
  • Ah okay, as another said though, we are happy that your Zoe will be okay, or by this time, is okay.
    *hugs your dog, gets Panda to lick Zoe*
  • Oh scary!! Glad she's ok!!
  • Her snout is still a tiny bit swollen but I just gave her another benedryl and prednisone.  Luckily throughout the whole thing, except for the itching (which seemed to stop once she knew we understood soemthing was wrong... maybe she was trying to get our attention), she did not seem in pain and was running around etc.  The staff at the ER thought she was adorable and even wrote on our sheet that she was a good girl.  I am proud of her :).
  • I spoke with my regular vet this morning and he asked that I bring Zoe in since she still has a bit of swelling.  So, we went and he said he had an in depth convo with the manufacturer about the product.  They said research shows that of all the breeds who have reactions to the distemper vaccines, the most seem to be in mini dachshunds, which Zoe is.  However, they said it is usually a reaction to the lepto part and Zoe's did not have that as part of it.  Anyway, he said she is doing fine and her face continues to be getting back to normal.
    The excellent news is that the company who makes the vaccine is reimbursing me for the vet bill from the emergency ER!  I didn't even ask for it, they offered!  Rock on!
  • I checked with ppl. on my dachsie board and it seems a number of them have also had dogs react to the distemper vaccine so I guess it really is common in dachsies like the research said.