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Male dog squats to pee?

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Male dog squats to pee?
  • Is it normal for some male dogs to squat and not leg lift?  My  Rottie  squatted till he got about a year then he started lifting his leg( he is no longer here but at the bridge). 
    My male Shih Tzu pees like a girl lol.[sm=rotfl.gif]
  • My male border collie/German shepard/lab mix has squatted ever since we got him.
    I think it's kind of nice, since he doesn't try to mark his scent on everything that stands up out of the ground, but I was wondering about it too.
  • [linkhttp://forum.dog.com/asp/tm.asp?m=73115]http://forum.dog.com/asp/tm.asp?m=73115[/link]
    Ya know I used to consider this a learned behaviour meaning they do it earlier and more readily if they SEE another dog do it. That was the case with the older male puppy mix I had growing up. He was reserved, quiet and NOT the dominant type ever....
    BUT if you read the post I made above I have a 13 week old puppy doing it already and he's the ONLY male dog here, lmao....so there's my theory out the window!
  • Well I think is my little guy would lift his leg then he wouldn't end up with pee stains on his belly fur, ew!  My DH was laughing at Harley last night, he walks up to the biggest tree he can find circles it 3 times gets as close as he can and then squat pees on it.  It was funny watching this little dog trying to pee on a big tree.
    Oh, does this squat peeing thing tend to run in smaller breeds or it doesn't matter?
  • Male puppies do this, but usually grow out of it.  Some dont I guess, lol... I think its cute[:)]
  • Depending on how he lifts he might trade the pee stains on his belly...for pee stains on his front LEGS!...lol...it's a skill...not hitting oneself or stepping in it afterwards!
  • Not all male dogs pee squatting, it may be something they do when they are still young. My Husky/whatever he is squats too and he is 9 months old.
  • My first male dog, who was an "only" for about two years, always squatted to pee.  When I adopted another male dog, the 2nd dog would lift his leg, and only after that did my first dog try to lift his leg when going.  It was funny to watch him because he seemed really uncomfortable doing so!  If he could talk, I always thought he'd say "hey, am I doing this right?"
  • Well, he is 2 year old and I think he will forever be what DH calls a girlie squatter, lol.  I am glad it isn't a medical thing lol!  I just thought it was strange for a two year old dog to not leg lift.
  • Max (who is a little over 2) squatted forever - he just started lifting in the last few months. Sometimes he only lifts a little bit and sometimes his leg gets tired and he changes legs mid pee,  pretty much insuring that he's going to pee on his leg. Sometimes he goes up to a pole or tree and lifts the outside leg *sigh* and sometimes he forgets exactly what he's supposed to be doing and squats and lifts a front paw.[:D] I figure as long as he peeing outside, I don't really care much how he does it.

  • My 10 month guy is a squatter as well.  I personally like it better that way as previously stated he doesn't have the urge to mark everything that is standing.  But the trade off is the yellow stains on the grass due to all the pee concentrated on one area when squatting as apposed to when lifting the leg.
  • Dasher is a squatter as well. So was my Dal, Reese, at least most of the time. Dasher is the only boy dog in our house, and Reese was the only boy during his time as well.

    I always thought it had something to do with other dogs marking an area. For example, we don't have any trees in our yard, just grass and shrubs (a few trees along the fence). As there were never any other male dogs in the yard marking, then our boys never had to "one up" any other scents. I thought the main reason dog's lifted their legs to pee was to cover up the scent of another male dog. So if there are not other male dogs to cover up, they are more likely not to lift their leg...(thats my best guess anyway). I also think its learned as well.
  • Loki has always squatted and we just assumed it was because we had him neutered early. Odin was neutered at about 1 when we adopted him, so he lifts his leg. Every now and then Loki will try to copy him, but it seems like more and more Odin is squatting. Except when we're on walks or at dog park.
  • Sometimes Marley marks, but most of the time he pees like a girl! [sm=rotfl.gif]I even tell him that he pees like a girl...and he looks at me like "What are you talking about mom?" Since he's a large breed...I don't think it's just small breeds!

    I encourage him to squat and reward him when he does it!!
  • Well, if that theory about covering up another male's scent is correct....then he should have been leg lifting on the trees my old Rottie had marked, lol.  He goes up sniffs and still squat pees.  He is a girlie man, when it comes to peeing but it is cute and funny as all get out.  I was curious as to how many other male dogs did this and to make sure that my dog wasn't weird, lol.