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Dog oxygen masks

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Dog oxygen masks
  • http://dogblog.dogster.com/2010/10/02/boston-firefighters-get-oxygen-masks-for-pets/

    So I one wondered how dogs have cpr performed on them, this sort of explained why, but it also descibed how Boston firefighters now have oxygen masks that can fit dogs, cats, or even ferrets and rabbits.This is great news for all of us dog lovers, and those of us here who have other pets. Now, animals affected by smoke inhalation can recieve help. Thee aren't cheap, and those fire stations that have them usualy recieved them through a donation.

    I don't know if my local fire station has them. Does anyone know if theirs does? Do you think this will save a lot of animal's lives? I think it will and since one of my fears is my house catching fire while my dog is trapped inside I'd like to find a way to raise money to get them.

  •  We have them at work...I don't think they're horribly expensive? Unless they're using a separate oxygen tank for pets or something

  •  I'm pretty sure ours does. I remember seeing a story on the news about someone's pet being saved in a fire, then the owners bought some (different sizes) and donated them to the FD.